Wild Rift Dragon Buffs – Everything You Need to Know

Dragon’s are an important win condition in Wild Rift and can drastically change how a match is going. Each Dragon that spawns in Wild Rift will apply a buff to the whole team of whichever one kills it (even if a player is dead during the time the Dragon dies). Because of this, it’s one of the most contested objectives in the jungle. There are a total of four different types of elemental dragons with each one able to turn into the Elder Dragon.

Wild Rift Dragon Spawn Times

The first Dragon will spawn in the game at the four minute market. The type of Dragon that spawns will be completely random. After the first Dragon is slain, the next dragon will spawn four minutes from the time the killing blow was dealt. Each Elemental Dragon can only spawn once.

Each Elemental Dragon’s Buff

Infernal Dragon

Enhances all types of damage by 6%.

Mountain Dragon

Grants a shield equal to 6% of your maximum health if no damage has been taken from turrets or champions within the last 5 seconds.

Cloud Dragon

Adds 6% movement speed, with the effect doubling after exiting combat.

Ocean Dragon

Adds 8% physical and magical vamp (which is essentially life steal).

How Elder Dragon is Spawned

At the 16 minute mark, a more powerful Dragon will spawn called the Elder Dragon. The Elder Dragon can spawn as one of the four various different elements, with each one providing a unique buff. Unlike the regular Dragons, killing the Elder Dragon also grants experience and gold.

Elder Dragon’s Buff

When killing the Elder Dragon, every member of the team receives the buff unless they were dead while it was slain. The buff makes your attacks burn targets for 3 seconds on hit, dealing true damage. The damage value increases for each Elemental dragon your team has defeated.