Vampire Survivors Evolution Guide

Vampire Survivors was originally released on steam back in December of 2021 but has recently grown in popularity thanks to it’s explosive growth on Twitch. The objective of the game is quite simple, but the nuances come from the various weapons and evolutions the players can choose from.

While there are a total of 24 weapons a player can choose from, 8 of them can be evolved. Before evolving any weapon they must be at least level 8 and have the corresponding power ups. Currently the 8 weapons that can be evolved are the axe, whip, knife, magic wand, fire wand, cross, king bible, and garlic. And boy oh boy is the garlic evolution in Vampire Survivors good.

How to evolve weapons in Vampire Survivors

Before evolving any weapons you’ll need to make sure of three things. First, any weapon you plan on evolving needs to be at least level 8 or higher. You’ll also need to have the corresponding ingredients listed below. Lastly, you’ll need to wait until at least the 10 minute mark and open a chest.

Vampire Survivors evolution recipes

Here’s a full list of every recipe available in Vampire Survivors to upgrade your weapons as of patch 0.2.9 and what the upgraded weapons do.

  • Whip and Hollow Heart create Bloody Tear (Can deal critical damage and absorb health)
  • Magic Wand and Empty Tome create Holy Wand (Fires with no delay)
  • Knife and Bracer create Thousand Edge (Fires with no delay)
  • Axe and Candelabrador create Death Spiral (Passes through enemies)
  • Cross and Clover create Heaven Sword (Can deal critical damage)
  • King Bible and Spellbinder create Unholy Vespers (Never ends)
  • Fire Wand and Spinach create Hellfire (Passes through enemies)
  • Garlic and Pummarola create Soul Eater (Power increases when recovering HP)

How to evolve Santa Water

The newest evolution gives you the ability to evolve Santa Water which turns it into La Borra. Combine Santa Water with Magnet to get La Borra.

If you haven’t given Vampire Survivors a try yet, it can be downloaded for $2.99 on Steam. You can also check out our Vampire Survivors tier list for items, characters, and power ups.