Valuable Runeword base items in Diablo 2 Resurrected (D2R)

When it comes to Diablo 2 Resurrected, grinding for that late-game build is what it’s all about. The endless magic finding, chaos runs, cow slaughtering, you name it. We’ll do it all countless times for a chance to find those juicy drops we can trade or upgrade our character with.

It can feel like hours go by without finding anything of importance. Just countless useless unique items, low level runes, and rare items worth nothing. But what about all those items in the unexciting white text you run by without giving a second thought to? Slow down and give them a look because you could actually be running right by some very valuable items.

It’s no surprise, many of late game builds and best-in-class items are Runewords. But the value isn’t only in the high runes that make those Runewords up. The “bases” that the Runewords are crafted in can also fetch you a pretty penny.

There are a lot to keep up with, so we’ve compiled this list of valuable Runeword base items to keep an eye out for that are worth picking up.

Keep in mind, if you find one of these bases but it doesn’t have sockets, you might be able to get them through the socket quest with Larzuk in Act 5 or by rolling sockets with the cube recipes.

Best Runeword bases in Diablo 2 Resurrected

Early on in the Ladder season, these plain items can be valuable. After a couple of months, most people will only be looking for these bases with Enhanced Damage or Enhanced Defense which both have a maximum roll of 15%. Rolling these bases with the ED drastically increases the value.


  • 3 socketed Paladin shield with 45 resistances.
  • 4 socketed Paladin shield with 45 resistances.
  • Ethereal 4 socketed Paladin shield with high resistances.
  • 4 socketed Monarch shield.


  • 4 socketed Flail (usually only needed earlier in the Ladder).
  • 5 socketed Flail (usually only needed earlier in the Ladder).
  • 5 socketed Phase Blade (usually only needed earlier in the Ladder).
  • 4 socketed Ethereal Thresher, Giant Thresher, Great Polearm.
  • 4 and 5 socketed Ethereal Berseker Axe.
  • 4 socketed Grand Matron bow with +3 Bow and Crossbow skills.
  • +3 to Bone Spear & +3 Bone Spirit wand with 2 sockets.
  • +3 to Holy Shield, 5 socketed Scepter (very rare).
  • +3 to Hammers & +3 to Concentration Scepter with 4 sockets (very rare).
  • +3 Fist of Heavens & +3 Conviction Scepter with 5 open sockets (very rare).
  • +3 to Bone Spear, +3 Lower Resistances, +3 Corpse Explosion with 2 sockets (very rare).


  • 3 socketed Dusk Shroud.
  • 3 socketed Archon Plate.
  • 3 and 4 socketed Ethereal armors with 800 or more defense.
  • 4 socketed Ethereal Sacred Armor (very rare).

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