Trap Assassin build guide – Diablo 2 Resurrected

A Trap Assassin is a classic Diablo 2 build many knew and loved so we’ll be giving you a quick refresher on the best ways to play it. A trap Assassin usually relies on Lightning Sentry as their main source of damage and can clear packs of monsters with ease. Unexpected to most the builds we’ll be covering below actually offer a fair bit of magic find through the gear.

Assassin Build Guide

Skill Points

Lightning Sentry is going to be your main source of damage in this build. Lay one Death Sentry with your Lightning Sentrys to get corpse explosion. Keep your Shock Web on your left click and use that while your traps are down. Since Shock Web is a timer skill that lasts for 3.6 seconds, you’ll be switching it with Fire Blast to cast during its downtime. Make sure to use Fade for extra resistances and reduced curse duration.

  • Mindblast [1]
  • Shadow Warrior [1]
  • Shadow Master [1]
  • Fade [1]
  • Wake of Fire [1] – This will be used to help kill any lightning immunes.
  • Lightning Sentry [20]
  • Death Sentry [20]
  • Shock Web [20]
  • Charged Bolt Sentry [20]
  • Fire Blast – All remaining points.

Stat Points

  • Strength – Enough strength to equip all of your gear.
  • Dexterity – Base points. You might need a few points if you use claws but you won’t need much extra.
  • Vitality – All remaining points.
  • Energy – None.

Trap Assassin Gear

We’ll be going two different builds you can go depending on the type of playstyle you enjoy. One will prioritize damage while the other prioritizes tankiness.

Tanking Focused Build

This build will give you plenty of resistances, faster hit recovery, and faster cast rate while still dishing out some solid damage.

  • Helmet – Shako.
  • Armor – Dusk shroud of mage plate Enigma.
  • Weapon – Silence.
  • Shield – Spirit monarch.
  • Belt – Thundergods.
  • Gloves – Trang Ouls.
  • Boots – Hotspurs.
  • Amulet – Maras or a rare that gives Assassin skills, faster cast rate, and resistances.
  • Rings – Ravenfrost and a Soj or BK.
  • Offhand – Call to Arms and a Spirit.

Damage Focused Build

This build will take away some survivability but adds an extra 10 or so levels to your Lightning Sentry allowing you to deal a lot of extra damage.

  • Helmet – Shako.
  • Armor – Enigma
  • Weapon 1 – Call to Arms or a Spirit
  • Weapon 2 – A +2 assassin skills / +3 traps with a +3 Lightning Sentry roll.
  • Belt – Arachnids or Thundergods
  • Gloves – Trang Ouls
  • Boots – Sandstorm Treks or Hotspurs
  • Rings – Ravenfrost and a Soj or BK
  • Amulet – A rare or crafted +2 to Assassin skills with faster cast rate and resistances.

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