Summon Necromancer build guide – Diablo 2 Resurrected

If you’re looking for a classic build that’s easy to start with in Diablo 2 Resurrected, a summoning Necromancer is always a good choice. While your minions do the brunt of the work it doesn’t make for the most intensive gameplay, but who doesn’t like a summoning Necromancer? Not to mention, did you really get to enjoy the full glory of a summoning Necromancer when you played in last time on dial up? The massive army you built just about broke the game.

Fear not, the year is 2021 and the technology allows us to now create the massive army you knew and loved, without the terrible frame rate issues. Now lets just right into the basics of what you need to successfully build a simple summoning Necromancer in Diablo 2 Resurrected.

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Summoning Necromancer Build Guide

Skill Points

The great thing about a summon Necro is the the fact it can get through every difficulty while never being “in combat”. Between all of your summons you’ll rarely meet a monster that is immune to all of your damage type.

Utilizing curses effectively is a huge part when it comes to playing a summoning necromancer effectively. The main ones you will be casting are Amplify Damage, Life Tap, Dim Vision, and Decrepify. Make sure to read their descriptions so you know what they do!

  • Raise Skeleton [20]
  • Raise Skeleton Mage [20]
  • Skeleton Mastery [20]
  • Corpse Explosion [20]
  • Lower Resistance + Prerequisites [1]
  • Dim Vision [1]
  • Revive + Prerequisites [1]
  • Summon Resist [1] – All remaining points should go into this in order to give your summons more survivability.

Stat Points

When you’re just starting out and limited on equipment your stats will look differently than when you’re fully geared. Remember you can re-roll a character’s stats 3 times in total. Once you gear up I’d suggest investing in a re-roll to optimize your stats.

  • Strength – Just enough strength to equip all of your gear.
  • Dexterity – None
  • Vitality – All remaining points.
  • Energy – None.

Summon Necromancer Gear

We’ll be going two different builds. One will look at a “poor man’s build” which provides some magic finding in order to help you find better items. This is a great build if you’re just starting the season and don’t have items. The second is a build for the more experienced or “rich” players.

Cheap Summoning Necromancer Gear

The great thing about a summon necro is that you can truly get away with having garbage gear.

  • Helmet – Tarnhelm or 3 socketed helm with perfect Topaz for 72% Magic Find.
  • Armor – Dusk shroud of mage plate Enigma.
  • Weapon – Search vendors in the game for + summoning skills wands.
  • Shield – Look through vendors for + summoning skills shrunken heads.
  • Belt – Goldwrap.
  • Gloves – Chance Guards or Frostburns.
  • Boots – Anything with faster run/walk, magic finding, resistances.
  • Amulet – Any rare amulet that has + necromancer skills. Magic find and resistances on it is a huge plus.
  • Rings – All resistance + Magic Finding rings.

Rich Build

This build is much more expensive but provides a lot of magic finding and damage.

  • Helmet – Shako.
  • Armor – Enigma
  • Weapon – Beast runeword axe. This provides a level 9 Fanaticism Aura which enhances the kill speed from your Act 2 Might Aura mercenary.
  • Shield – Homunculus
  • Belt – Arachnids
  • Gloves – Chance Guards
  • Boots – War Travelers
  • Rings – SOJs or Nagel Rings
  • Amulet – Mara’s Kaleidoscope.

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