Smiter Paladin Uber Build Guide Diablo 2 Resurrected

Whether you’re entering Ubers for the first time to get that Hellfire Torch or just need a refresher, this guide will tell you how to crush Ubers using a Paladin in Diablo 2 Resurrected.

While there are a few classes that can kill Ubers, Paladins are by far the easiest and most diverse in terms of gear needed. With Paladins, Ubers are easier than they look and don’t need one specific dedicated build. While Smiters are your typical build, you can also do it with a Hammerdin that puts 1 point into Fanaticism and a few points in Holy Shield as long as you still have Smiter gear on for the battle. 

The best thing about using a Smiter to kill Ubers is you don’t need the best in slot items to get the job item. There are plenty of options for cheaper gear you can use so you don’t have to break the bank.

What’s needed to kill Ubers

Before moving forward to kill Ubers, you’ll need to make sure you have everything on the checklist below. 

  • Cannot Be Frozen
  • A source of Life Tap (usually provided by Dracul’s Grasp gloves)
  • 50+ Crushing Blow
  • 75+ Cold and Lightning resist when account for Meph’s conviction (-125 resists)
  • 75+ Fire resistance
  • Open Wounds
  • A belt full of Full Rejuvenation potions
  • 75% Block Rate
  • 1000+ Life
  • Smite at least 8 frames per attack.

Uber Smiter Skills

Put one point into each of the following skills

  • Prayer [1]
  • Defiance [1]
  • Cleansing [1]
  • Vigor [1]
  • Salvation [1]
  • Might [1]
  • Blessed Aim [1]
  • Concentration [1]
  • Sacrifice [1]
  • Holy Bolt [1]
  • Charge [1]
  • Blessed Hammer [1]

Max out the following skills in this order

  • Lightning Resist
  • Fanaticism 
  • Smite
  • Holy Shield – The more points you have into this, the less dexterity you need allowing you to invest more into vitality.
  • Zeal 

Uber Smiter Stats

  • Strength – Just enough to equip all of your gear. Normally it’s 115 which is enough to equip Guillaume’s Face.
  • Dexterity – Enough for maximum block (75%) while Holy Shield is on.
  • Vitality – All remaining points.
  • Energy – None.

Gear needed to kill Ubers

You have a lot of options available in terms of what you can use for gear. While everything we will go through can get the job done to kill Ubers, the difference is the speed and ease at which you clear them. We’ll look at budget Smiter gear and best in slot so you can find something that fits your budget. 

Budget Friendly Uber Smiter Gear

Weapon: Black Flail or Lightsabre
Off-Hand: Paladin Shield with good base resistance with 4 Perfect Diamonds
Weapon Switch: Necromancer Wand with Life Tap charges
Helmet: Tal Rasha’s Mask
Armor: Smoke
Gloves: Bloodfist
Belt: Nightsmoke
Boots: Goblin Toe
Amulet: Metalgrid
Ring 1: Ravenfrost
Ring 2: Resistance Ring or Dwarf Star

Best Gear for Uber Smiters

Weapon: Grief
Off-Hand: Exile
Weapon Switch: Call to Arms
Helmet: Guillaume’s Face
Armor: Chains of Honor
Gloves: Dracul’s Grasp
Belt: Thundergod’s Vigor
Boots: Gore Rider
Amulet: Seraph’s Hyme
Ring 1: Ravenfrost
Ring 2: Bul-Katho’s Wedding Bang

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