Rush Royale tips and tricks that help you win more

If you’re new to the game or having a hard time climbing the ladder in Rush Royale, there are a few tips and tricks you can follow that should make things easier. First and foremost, many of the legendary and epic cards are going to play an important part of your climb. However, gathering those cards requires a bit of luck, time, or can be acquired much more easily with in-game purchases. While you’re waiting to acquire all of the cards you know, these simple tips and tricks will help you win more and climb to higher arenas.

What is Rush Royale?

Rush Royale is a PVP Tower Defense game on IOS and Android that incorporates a card-collecting element. The objective is to build a deck of 5 cards to go head-to-head against opponents. The first person to lose all 3 of your health points loses the game. Once a match begins, you’ll have a pool of mana that you can spend to deploy cards on the field. For every card you deploy, the next card will cost incrementally more. For every monster you clear from the board, you’ll not only receive mana, but also send them to your opponents side (same goes for your enemy. As they kill monsters, they will send them to your side). For each monster that reaches the end of your board you can lose 1 (for a normal monster) or 2 (for a boss) health points. As the game progresses, you’ll be able to combine units of the same suit on your board, which will increase their power but has the chance to change it completely to another card in your deck. The game is free to download, and can be free to play throughout your journey, but does have options to pay for various upgrades and can expedite the grind to collect all of the cards.

What a good Rush Royale deck needs

Whether or not you have the god-like legendary cards available, all successful decks have a few key components to make them viable. The first thing you’ll need is a point damage card, which is high damage per second card. One of the best cards in the game for this is Boreas, but it can be tough to unlock. Other’s that work well are Engineer – which is a lot more obtainable, Wind Archer, Sentry, or even plain Archers if you have no other options.

The second thing you’ll want to include in your deck is area of effect (AOE). The best card for this is Plague Doctor, but if you don’t have that available there are plenty of other options including Thunderer, Fire Mage, and Lightning Mage.

The next crucial component to an effective deck is mana regeneration which allows you to ultimately put out more damage by dropping more cards on your field. The Vampire is in my opinion the cream-of-the-crop for this, but any mana regeneration will do if you don’t have the Vampire unlocked.

Depending on your play style, crowd control can be a huge help. This is anything that slows or impairs movement of the monsters and includes Cold Mage, Frost, or even a Bombardier.

Your fifth card is your hover card and an endless amount of options. The best options are including more DPS, crowd control, or AOE.

Leveling your cards

Leveling your cards is extremely helpful as it increases your critical damage, which deals extra damage to opponents. For each level, your critical damage percentage increases. Be aware, this includes all cards in your collection, not just the 5 cards you have in your deck. So yes, leveling the cards you never play is still beneficial. Leveling cards does require gold and gets increasingly more expensive the higher your card level, but the first few levels are very cheap, especially for common cards. If you’re in need of gold, playing CO-OP mode grants you much more gold than you’ll get in PVP.

Know each boss and have a plan

At the start of each match, a boss will be randomly selected and will spawn after the first two minutes of a match. Each boss has a different ability that can drastically change the way your match will go. If the boss makes it to the end of the board, it will take off 2 health.

Warlock Boss – It will destroy one of your units randomly. It’s best to avoid upgrading a card (combing them) too high if possible. This is a good boss to use early levels on (you pay mana to level cards. Don’t confused this with combining the cards). You’ll also want to have a lot of cards down as this gives you a greater chance to have Warlock not hit your most valuable card. If you’re very quick, you’re able to avoid the Warlock’s spell by merging the targeted card with a card in a different square.

Bedlam Boss – This boss will switch the units on your board with another card in your deck. When facing this boss first, you’ll want to avoid leveling your cards high early game because chances are the cards will be replaced with a unit you didn’t level. If you have Bombardier in your deck, you can sometimes get lucky and stun Bedlam stopping it from using it’s attack.

Tribunal Boss – Tribunal will downgrade some of your cards randomly. For example, if your card is level two, it will become a level one. If your card is level one, then it will be removed from the board.

Tamer Boss – This is the easiest boss but it can also take all of your health out and cause you to lose instantly. It summons monsters that follow the boss and will soak up a lot of the damage being put out. If they reach the end, each one will take off 1 health.