Rush Royal Hero Troops – Abilities and How to Unlock Heroes

Rush Royale has brought a brand new element to the game with the addition of the 4.0 update – Heroes. The initial launch has started with three different heroes that add a depth of strategy and opens the meta to allow new decks to perform well. Are you level up your heroes, you unlock new abilities for each one, helping you perform better on the battlefield. This article will be your go-to guide for everything around Rush Royale’s new Hero troops.

Rush Royale Heroes

Trainer Hero

‘Trainer’ is a common hero and the one most easily obtainable. For 1,000 Morale you can summon a dummy to the field, blocking monster movement for a few seconds. As you level up Trainer, you unlock new buffs and abilities for the dummy that gets placed on the battlefield.

  • Level 5 – Combat Training. Increases the attack speed of your units by 15% while the dummy is in the field.
  • Level 10 – Team Boost. Increases the damage dealt by your units by 5%.
  • Level 15 – Explosive Surprise. When the active ability’s effect ends, the dummy explode, dealing area damage of 10,000 around it.

Jay Hero

‘Jay’ is a rare hero card that plays well with archers and cost only 600 Morale to activate. At level one you can use Rain of Arrows which summons arrows in a small area when the hero ability is activated. These arrows can deal critical strike damage. Jay also has a passive at level one. Each archer in your deck will generate 5 extra morale.

  • Level 5 – Wind’s Speed. Creates two random points on the field. units at those points have 20% greater attack speed.
  • Level 10 – Marksmanship. Increases the critical damage chance of Rain of Arrows by 30%.

Snowflake Hero

‘Snowflake’ is an epic card and is currently one of the strongest heroes in the game. While she is a bit more costly to activate (1500 Morale), her abilities make up for it. At the level one she has Winter’s Kiss, which temporarily freezes enemies for 3 seconds and deals 8,000 area damage to them. She also has ‘Cold Welcome’ at level one. When an opponent’s unit appears or merges, they have a chance to be frozen. In Co-Op mode, it temporarily receives the ability to slow enemies. Cold Welcome has a stun chance of 15% and stun duration of 5 seconds.

  • Level 5 – Best Served Cold. Has a 40% chance to slow monsters after receiving an activated negative effect. It slows monsters by 15%.
  • Level 10 – Frostbite. The Winter’s Kiss ability also reduces monster armor levels by 30%, making them take more damage.

How to unlock Rush Royale Heroes

In order to unlock Jay and Snowflake, you need to find enough shards. Unlike the legendary cards in the game, the developers have yet to add any special offers that allow you to buy the cards instantly with money, though you can get lucky with the Epic Chest. You can however use crystals to purchase chests and hope you get lucky. If you’re looking to acquire heroes for free, it’s helpful to watch ads so you can get the ‘Ad Mega-Chest’ which might contain some of them. You can also climb the ladder, find them in the rewards chests, and also in the chests given to you for completing quests throughout the season. And of course, you could always get lucky and have one pop up in your shop to buy for gold.

What are Hero Fragments

Unlike the other cards in the game that you level up with gold and a stack of the same card, heroes use something called Hero Fragments. Hero fragments can be found in the store, which you can then purchase for gold, or get lucky and find them in random chests. If you’re looking to level up your Snowflake, start saving that gold because 5 of her hero fragments will cost you 25,000 gold. If you’re needing quick gold, we’d recommend playing CO-OP mode. You can check out the best CO-OP decks to play here.

Alternatively, you’re able to buy the new ‘Epic Hero’s Chest’ for 700 Crystals which contains 0 – 300 fragments for Trainer, 15 – 35 fragments for Jay, and 0 – 22 fragments for Snowflake. Keep in mind, when buying this chest, you are not guaranteed Jay or Snowflake. You will need to get lucky and receive at least 20 shards for Snowflake in this chest to unlock her.

Epic Hero Chest
Hero Fragment Chest

What is Morale

Morale is a new addition to the game that came along with Heroes. In order for you to cast any of your Heroe’s abilities, you’ll need to build up morale. Each unit in your deck provides a different amount of morale per second. As you level cards up, the morale the cards give increases. You can view a full list of each card’s morale per second here.

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Rush Royale Morale