Rush Royale Version 5.0 – Clans are Coming

Rush Royale’s newest patch update will be bringing one of the most requested features in the game. That’s right, Clans are finally coming to Rush Royale!

The developers said today on Facebook that they have been putting extra time into this update to make sure clans have everything a player wants. The current timeline is to have it released in the end of May.

Rush Royale clans will include a clan chat, clan specific CO-OP mode, and the ability to help clan mates develop their deck. However, we’re not positive what they mean by that.

Clans will also have a tournament mode, which will open up a lot of great opportunities for content creators. Whether or not you’re able to face other clans in this tournament mode or just within your own clan mates is yet to be known.

The capacity for clans will be capped at 50 member. More information will be released on this feature in the upcoming days.

Rush Royale Clans