Rush Royale Bosses – Guide, Tips, and Counter Strategies

Bosses will spawn in Rush Royale after every two minutes and can swing how a game is going. Every time you get in a game, you should keep an eye on which boss you’ll be facing as your initial gameplay should change depending on which boss you’ll be facing.

Each boss gets progressively more health as the rounds go on. They also increase in health based on how many minions you have left on your board by the time they spawn.

Before we take a look at each Boss in Rush Royale and how to optimize your gameplay against them, there’s one card that can help with all bosses (outside of Tribunal) – Bombardier. Bombardier has a chance to stun the boss, giving you extra time for your board to deal damage and take the boss out before they get off their ability.

Now let’s dive into each boss’s ability and the best ways to counter them.

Best Strategies To Counter Each Boss in Rush Royale


Tamer is one of the easiest bosses to deal with in Rush Royale and doesn’t take much strategy at all. Every few seconds, Tamer will spawn a few minions behind him to go down the board. If you have been playing the game for a while, you can usually take this boss out with ease with a higher crit percentage or stronger cards.

If you’re just starting out, there’s not much of a strategy you can utilize against this boss. If you have some sort of crowd control (Cold Mage, Frost, Bombardier) that can slow the boss, that will give you extra time to deal damage.


The Tribunal boss will come out and de-rank 50% of the units on your board. If a unit is merge range level one and gets hit by Tribunal’s ability, it is removed from the board. If it is a merge rank two, it will get knocked down to one, and so on.

You’ll want to keep your as limited as possible while not having your lane get over run by minions. Save your mana to deploy troops after Tribunal gets their ability off, because they will only cast it once.

Avoid merge ranking units too highly if possible and don’t go above merge rank two, as it become increasingly more expensive each time they de-merge you. For example, if you have a merge rank three (which takes a total of four cards) and it gets de-ranked to merge rank two, you’re wasting valuable resources. As opposed to a merge rank two (which takes two cards) getting de-ranked to merge rank one (so you only lost the value of one card).


Gorgon will spawn and randomly block two of the units on your board from attacking every few seconds. Stunning them with Bombardier at the start will buy you an extra few seconds to attack. If you’re not running Bombardier in your deck, you’ll want to deploy as many troops onto your board as possible before he spawns so it’s less likely to target your damage dealers.

Passive’s will continue to work if Gorgon blocks your unit. For example, if you have four Inquisitor’s on the board for the passive and Gorgon blocks one, it will still apply the passive. The same goes for any buff cards like Grindstone. The blocked unit just can’t attack or be merged.


This boss has two different abilities. The first one will move every unit on your board in a random direction. If you’re not utilizing any buff cards, this normally isn’t much of a problem.

The second ability will take away a mana level. Because of this, it’s always best to avoid leveling up your cards when possible you see you’re facing this boss. If you do need to level up your cards to deal more damage to the units prior to a boss, make sure not to level them too much, as it waste more resources the higher the mana level Puppeteer takes away.


Bedlam is probably the boss people hate most. Bedlam’s ability completely switches the units on your board to another unit in your deck every few seconds. If you’re running Bombardier in your deck and have strong cards, you can often get a stun off and kill him before he casts his first ability.

If you’re not running Bombardier, there’s not much you can do against him. Keep in mind he casts his ability multiple times as he goes down the lane. If you’re not happy with a board he switched you to, avoid deploying more cards to get damage dealers out. Sometime’s it’s best to let him walk down the path and cast his next ability to see if you end up with a better board.


The Warlock will cast a meteor down and completely eliminate the card it targets. This is an ability you’re able to dodge. To dodge this ability, you’ll need to quickly merge the card he targeted with his meteor onto another card of the same merge rank.

With merging, you always run the risk of it turning into a card you don’t want. If this is the case, drop as many units as possible on the board so it’s less likely to target the card you’re not looking to merge.