Best Non-Legendary Deck in Rush Royale

If you’ve just started playing Rush Royale, the chances of you having a legendary card are low. You might have hit a trophy range where your opponents have a legendary to help boost their deck. While it can be frustrating to fight stronger cards when you lack them yourself, there are a few key decks you can utilize that don’t involve a single legendary card.

Non-Legendary Deck Options

  • Thunderer, Alchemist, Mime, Grindstone, Priestess
  • Thunderer, Vampire, Sharpshooter, Cold Mage, Bombardier
  • Engineer, Mime, Chemist, Priestess, Bombarbier
  • Thunderer, Plague Doctor, Mime, Grindstone, Priestess

When utilizing a buff card such as Grindstone in your deck, it’s important to be smart about where you’re merging. Always keep in mind a merge can completely change your card. For example, if you have a Priestess next to a grindstone, that’s a wasted slot since you Priestess isn’t utilize for auto attacked. If you were to merge your Priestess, the best option might be to bring the other Priestess to the Grindstone instead of away.

One other thing to note is that Plague Doctor can actually critically strike, so having them next to a Grindstone is not a bad choice. With enough time, you’ll climb the ranks and start unlocking more powerful cards to build stronger decks. Make sure to check out our Rush Royale tier list for more information.