The Best F2P Decks in Rush Royale

It’s no surprise that many of the essential cards in Rush Royale are locked behind a paywall or hours of grinding (it is a mobile game after all). But that doesn’t mean you’re completely doomed if you’re not looking to drop any of the cash on the game. As patches have come out, more and more cards have become viable, making free-to-play decks a thing. Now of course F2P players are able to unlock every card in the game without paying money if you want to invest the time, but most of us don’t have that. Below we’ll be sharing some of the best free-to-play decks in Rush Royale. These consist of cards that are easy to obtain, with a few that use a legendary in case you’ve gotten lucky with your chests.

  • Engineer, Mime, Chemist, Priestess, Bombardier
  • Thunderer, Plague Doctor, Mime, Grindstone, Priestess
  • Thunderer, Alchemist, Priestess, Vampire, Mime
  • Boreas, Alchemist, Grindstone, Vampire, Thunderer
  • Boreas, Vampire, Chemist, Bombardier, Cold Mage
  • Inquisitor, Mime, Priestess, Bombardier, Cold Mage
  • Thunderer, Vampire, Sharp Shooter, Cold Mage, Bombardier

We’ll keep this list up-to-date as patches come in and cards change. If you have a few more legendaries to play around with, check out the full tier-list and the best Rush Royale decks in the game.