Best deck for Cultist – Rush Royale Cultist deck guide

Cultist is one of the newest legendary cards to hit Rush Royale. It resides in the Dark Domain faction with the likes of Shaman and Harlequin that attacks the first target in the lane. If there are 1-3 neighboring Cultists, the card receives the ability to attack additional targets. The number of additional targets is equal to the number of neighboring Cultists. If there are 4 neighboring Cultists, the card gets double damage and area damage.

By itself with a card level of 7 it gives 1.7 Morale a second and attacks every 1 second, dealing 132 damage. When it has 4 neighboring Cultists, this damage is doubled to 264 every 1 second. But is the newest card worth buying to incorporate into your deck? Well, that depends on the current faction buff. But as of its release date, it’s a lack luster card compared to others.

This week’s Faction buff is for Dark Domain, which Cultist falls into, with a booster of “Cashback”. Cashback gives units 50 mana based on merge rank in PVP mode. Because you this, the strongest deck with the new Cultist card is the following.

  • Cultist, Harlequin, Summoner, Shaman, Mime.
Faction Blessing

When playing this deck, your main priority will be getting 4 Cultists neighboring each other, so be mindful of the way you merge your cards. Always be in the mindset that the merge you will be performing for cards could turn into a Cultist, so merge towards your other Cultists, not away.

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