The best Co-Op decks in Rush Royale to earn gold quickly

One of the best ways to earn gold in Rush Royale is by playing the Co-Op mode. The gold you receive for each win increases incrementally depending on how far you progress through the waves in the Co-Op mode. If you get far enough in the waves, you can earn over 9,000 gold per Co-Op match.

Wave 183 Rush Royale

There are a few important things to notes before diving into the best deck builds for Co-Op play. First, if you’re looking to maximize the most gold per hour, you should be aiming for wave 40 or 45 due to the fact that significantly getting past those waves requires a bit of luck with your opponent. Now let’s dive into things and look at the best CO-OP decks to play in Rush Royale.

The best decks for Co-Op to maximize gold in Rush Royale

As stated above, if you’re looking to maximize the most gold per hour on average, you’ll be looking to achieve wave 40 or 45. Once you get past those waves, things get incrementally more difficult, require your opponent to have a deck that meshes well with yours (which requires luck since there is no easy way to queue with a friend), and takes longer as you progress through the waves. With the decks below (or slight variations of it), you don’t need to rely nearly as much on your teammate and can acquire gold quickly.

  • Harlequin, Zealot, Chemist, Mana Cauldron, Bombardier or Cold Mage
  • Harlequin, Zealot, Grind Stone, Dryad, Bombardier or Cold Mage
  • Knight Statue, Executioner, Zealot, Mana Cauldron, Bombardier

Harlequin is one of the best cards in the game and it’s no surprise it’s included in Co-Op decks. Zealot is one you won’t come across very often in PVP but can do well in Co-Op and is a card many people have. The Zealot’s damage scales as you get more mana, but does have diminishing returns. The sweet spot for mana is the 10,000 mark. Executioner is another solid card to include in your Co-Op deck because of the damage it does to bosses and mini-bosses. Bombardier and Cold Mage will provide you will crowd control and buy you more time to deal damage to minions.

The best damage decks for Co-Op to grind waves

Most of the time in Co-Op mode, you’ll be matched with teammates that are in a similar trophy range. As you get higher in trophies, you’ll find a lot of people will either run support decks (which is highlighted below) or damage decks. Combining the two creates the perfect duo for the mode and will sometimes allow you to get to the maximum wave.

  • Demon Hunter, Banner, Bombardier, Executional, Portal Keeper with Jay

When playing the above decks with a support deck, be careful of how quickly you drop your units. For example, if your first few card drops are 2 Demon Hunters next to a Knight Statue, don’t drop any others. Let your teammate running the Support Deck level up the cards before you drop more. The Demon Hunter card is crucial to proceed to the maximum waves in Co-Op as it damages a percentage of a bosses health at max level (they can get over 200M health). You need to be careful not to get them leveled to max until later on in the waves though, as their attack speed decreases significantly. The Bombardier is also another crucial card to have in your deck. In order to proceed further in waves, you’ll need to stun bosses right out of the gate and get them killed before they activate an ability, and Bombardier will help you do just that.

The best support deck for Co-Op to grind waves

As you play support, your whole goal is to level up your teammates cards with Shaman. If you don’t have Shaman available, you won’t be able to support effectively. Unlike in PVP where Shaman takes a merge (or removes) away from your opponents card, Co-Op adds a merge to a random card on your teammates board.

  • Harlequin, Summoner, Mime, Mana Cauldron, Shaman with Frost

If you don’t have all of the above cards, incorporate a damage card to assist your teammate. The Executioner card is a solid choice incase your teammate didn’t include that in their deck. You objective is going to be using Shaman as much as possible to level your teammates cards. There are a few key things to keep in mind when playing support. First, don’t merge your Shaman’s instantly when you get them. Keep your board open, get Mimes and Harlequins on there, and optimize to get the most merges possible. Second, keep an eye on your teammates board. If they just dropped a lot of cards, it’s not always best to use your Shamans. Give them time to merge their own units to set up their optimal positions.