Best farming spots in Project Diablo 2

When you’re on the magic find hunt for good items or runes in Project Diablo 2, some spots will be better to farm than others. There are two major things you’ll be looking for to speed up your farming runs – monster level 85 (which can drop any item in the game) and high density packs. Let’s jump right into it and look at the best farming spots in Project Diablo 2.

Good farming areas for all classes

The Secret Cow Level

Secret Cow Level farming spot

While the area level is only 81, The Secret Cow level is arguably one of the best spots to farm runes and a handful of good items. They’re high density, have no immunities, are melee only, and can be killed with minimal gear. Any class can farm cows, but the best ones for it are any with heavy AOE damage. Pro tips: when searching for the leg, always find the road in Stony Field and follow it as the portal always spawns next to the road.

The Pits

The Pits are found in the Tamoe Highland in Act 1. The easiest way to get there is by taking the Outer Cloister and follow the road backwards until you reach the fork. The Pits will always be at the end of the road. Monsters in here can be spawned with cold, fire, or lightning immune but they’re very low hitpoints and easy-to-kill monsters (so your mercenary shouldn’t have a problem taking them out). There are two levels of The Pits and between them you’ll find 8 to 11 champion or unique monster packs. This is a level 85 zone, and can be ran efficiently on all classes.

River of Flame

Most people stick to only farming the Chaos Sanctuary, but the River of Flame is also a very solid spot for farming. The entire zone is a level 85 area and has a handful of unique and champion monster packs.

The Chaos Sanctuary

This is a favorite spot for many Diablo players to farm and I considered it to be one of the best spots to magic find and farm. It’s quick to farm, has 3 super unique monsters, as well as the Diablo boss which can all drop the best items in the game. I would definitely recommend having good resistances before going in to farm this area to make your life easier. There are a lot of fire and lightning immunes, so a Sorceress will have a hard time farming this area unless they have Infinity equipped on their mercenary.

Worldstone Keep 2, 3, and Baal

A lot of people teleport straight to Throne of Destruction for Baal runs, but the Worldstone Keep is a fantastic place to farm items and runes. The entire area is level 85 and has decent monster density. If the map spawns Black Souls and you don’t have high lightning resistance, you might have some trouble surviving. Once you arrive to the Throne of Descrution, you’ll also be met with all level 85 monsters. Once you clear all five waves of minions, you’ll be able to kill Baal. Since Baal is an act boss, he will drop at least 6 items every time.

Niche Farming Areas

There are two other spots that I’d recommend strongly recommend and consider one of the best spots to farm in Project Diablo 2, but aren’t great for all characters.

Maggot Lair

The Maggot Lair was changed in Project Diablo 2 making it one of the best spots to farm for Fire Sorceresses. Combustion works incredibly well with all of the walls around you and allows for quick clearing. The monsters in here are level 85 and have solid density.


While it’s not the easiest thing to clear on a squishy characters like a Sorceress, some builds like a Barbarian and Paladin clear this very well. There are 3 super unique monsters with 8 normal ones, all of which have a triple drop pick. So theoretically this pack can drop 33 items. If you’re playing a Barbarian you can hork the corpses which can result in 3 more drops from each corpse.