Project Diablo 2 Rune Values and Pricing

Knowing rune values in Project Diablo 2 is crucial if you’re looking to trade gear effectively since the ‘currency’ is based off high runes – often called “HR”. Below is a list of the current value for each rune in the game.

  • Worldstone Shard – 0.02
  • Um – 0.05
  • Mal – 0.10
  • Ist – 0.16
  • Gul – 0.25
  • Vex – 0.50
  • Ohm – 0.75
  • Lo – 1.25
  • Sur – 1.5 to 1.75
  • Ber – 3 to 3.5
  • Jah – 2.0
  • Cham – 0.5
  • Zod – 1.0

While Zod might be the rarest rune in the game, it doesn’t necessarily make it the most valuable (same with Cham). That’s because most of the common Runewords crafted in the game don’t need those two runes.

It’s important to note, if someone is selling something for “one high rune”, they are referring to the total value of runes. While Ohm might be considered a ‘high rune’ on the drop table, it’s value still doesn’t equal to 1.

By default, Sur rune will never be less than half of a Ber rune (because 2 Sur runes can be cubed into a Ber rune).

These values are not definitive on what everyone agrees on but have been largely accepted by the greater community. You might find some players that have different thoughts on values.

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This guide was last updated for Season 3 of PD2 on December 21, 2021.