Project Diablo 2 Necromancer Build Guide

Project Diablo 2 season 2 is upon us! This of course means new changes to items, stats, skills, and more; which also means new builds! If you’re looking for a character that’s fresh and easy to start the season with, farm those runes and key items, this Necromancer guide has you covered.

Early game Necromancer

As an early game and early ladder Necromancer, you’ll want to put your focus on a summoner build. And the best part about that? It’s 2021 so it won’t lag the game to death. As you get a bit leveled up and find some decent gear, you’ll eventually change your skills, but this is a cheap and solid option to start out with.

Starting Skills

  • First max Raise Skeleton
  • Then max Skeleton Mastery
  • Max Skeletal Mage
  • 1 point in Amplify Damage
  • 1 point in teleport

This will allow you to level up very quickly and easily through both Normal and Nightmare without a problem.

Mid-game Necromancer

Once you reach Hell, the best option will be to re-spec into one of two options – Clay Golem or Fire Golem.

Clay Golem Path

With this path, you’ll want to max Clay Golem, Golem Mastery, as well as Amplify Damage. Shockingly, this is a very strong spec which allows you to do most Hell content without any issues. You’re able to clear Hell Pits easily to farm high runes and gear and go from there.

Fire Golem Path

The second path is going into Fire Golem. With this, you’ll want to max out Fire Golem, Golem Mastery, and Lower Resist means you’ll be able to cruise through any area that doesn’t have fire immunes. In Project Diablo 2, Act 2 is a very good spot to farm if you’re looking for high level no fire immune monsters. And of course, Hell Cows are always an option. You’re able to clear these decently without any gear at all, so if stacking magic find is your thing, you’re in luck.

Late Game Necromancer

Once you’re decently geared up and ready to move onto the later game content, you’ll be looking to re-spec once more. The ideal goal for content such as Chaos Sanctuary is having gear that gives at least +15 to skills. From here, we’ve gone full circle as we’re going back into the original Skeleton build. However this time you’ll be able to max out Curse Mastery, put some points into Decrepify, and some into Lower Resist. This works fantastically for group play but can also handle solo-play quite well. You’ll be looking to clear areas such as Chaos Sanctuary until you’re truly geared up, at which time you’ll be ready for end-game mapping.

End-Game Necromancer

In normal Diablo 2, end game would be considered Chaos Sanctuary. Luckily for us, Project Diablo 2 has provided us with even more content – mapping. Once again, we’ve got two different options here.

Skeleton Path

You’ve gone this far and they haven’t let you down. The Skeleton build can actually take you far into the end-game. The skeletons get a huge boost for your curses and are great for both solo and group play. Since the skeletons are physical damage, and you can the curses on your side, there are very few monsters in the game that can stop you.

Poison Path

Once you’re fully geared up and ready to take on maps, you’ll be looking to re-spec into something completely different – Poison. The downside of this is it has a very high barrier to entry. You’ll need very solid gear including full Trangs Ouls, skillers, poison facets, etc. If you do get to this point, it’s one of the fastest solo-mappers in the game.