Old School Runescape Pure PKing Guide

Pure Guide Introduction

If you’re looking to create a new pure for PKing in Old School Runescape, we’ve got a guide from none other than PureSpam, one of the best pure PKers in the game.

I’d suggest starting out as 50 attack, then go to 60 if you’re bored, then maybe 75 if you can afford a godswords or get bored again.
This provides more long term fun and offers variety for your account.

I’d highly suggest using a combat calculator to balance your combat stats out while choosing your levels.
For example, 60 attack and 88 strength is the same combat as 99 range, so these are the levels you should be. Whereas 99 range is balanced with 75 attack and 73 strength.

Quests for pures

Regardless of what attack level you want, all of the quests you need will keep you below 50 attack, so you’re free to complete them all without having to worry about getting to be too high or a level.

Attack Quests for pures:

Vampire Slayer (Needed for Nightmare Zone)
Fight Arena (NMZ)
Tree Gnome Village (NMZ + Monkey Madness)
Grand Tree (NMZ + Monkey Madness)
Waterfall Quest (for quick levels at start)
Death Plateu (Climbing Boots)
Lost City (NMZ + dds)

Prayer Quests for a pure:

For Ava’s and Desert Treasure : Restless Ghost, Priest in Peril, and Animal Magnetism
For Anchor (60 attack) (start questing at 50 prayer): The Great Brain Robbery (and sub-quests) give prayer exp.
Mountain Daughter: for bearhead (iron helmet equivalent def bonus) + for NMZ if you want a better alternative to grand tree boss.

Other important quests:

Recipe for disaster up to Mithril Gloves (Dwarf + Wartface & Bentnoze + Pirate Pete + Evil Dave + Skrach) plus all required quests
~ It isn’t necessary to do mith gloves straight away, combat bracelets are only 20K now and actually provide slightly better
accuracy bonus than mithril gloves, but for the cost difference for pk’ing when profit margins can be low as it is, it’s worth
investing the time into getting mithril gloves.
Biohazard + Plague City: Teleports to Ardougne
Monkey Madness: Started but not completed, otherwise you can’t go back to the island to chin without gaining def exp! (you need to complete this if you want to wield dragon scimitar)
Chin first, then finish this quest so you can use d scim. Only do this when you’re sure you don’t need to go back.

Regicide + Requirements: Ability to slave zulrah (requires high range/magic and good gear), crystal bow. Again, not necessary
I’ve done regicide on my pure and I haven’t even bothered getting myself a crystal bow yet, also needed for dragon halberd if 60 att

Horror From The Deep:
Prayer Books are a must, especially if training with prayer due to +5 prayer bonus. I suggest filling zamorak book if you can afford it.


As for prayer, at lower levels prayer can be worthless, but in my opinion 15/31 prayer is worth considering at 70+str,
31 prayer is worth considering at 80+str, and 45/52 prayer is worth considering at 85+ strength.

Prayer makes it alot easier for you to train efficiently (afk nmz, or chinning for example), and in the long run your account
won’t be better/worse than one without prayer if it is a high enough level. But it’s something worth considering/taking into
account. Similarly to attack I’d suggest starting low prayer and finding a good place to settle, unless you plan
on being a high level pure then getting prayer early on will make training alot easier. Don’t forget that you can chin
without prayer in the safespot, it’s more dangerous but still very high exp rates.

1 prayer: no need for prayer potions, hard to train, quickly become slightly weaker than account with prayer as you level up
15 prayer: gives you access to ava’s accumulator for arrows, and 10% strength/5% range, which gives 1-2 combat levels
31 prayer: 15% melee prayer and protect item, 3-4 combat levels.
45 prayer: 15% range/mage prayers and also protect prayers to make training efficient, 5-6 combat levels
52 prayer: Smite and all of the above, 6-7 combat levels, worth considering at 75+ combat if you want to smite fight

Benefits of each type of account:

50 attack is ridiculously overpowered at lower levels (up to around 70 combat they are the best then 60 attack can match it).
Also for 50 attack you may need to get 55 slayer in order to use leaf bladed sword to help training go faster (but not necessary)
It’s just a bit stronger and more accurate than a rune scimitar.

Positives of 50 Attack

~ Really Strong special attack.
~ Stay low level combat, so easy to own pures, not really any zerkers or voiders to fight.
~ Strongest pure build for their combat level next to AGS Pure and Obby Maul Pures.


~ One special attack then you have to either single maul whack, or crossbow
~ Training strength with 50 attack is annoying, also maulers are best with low prayer, so range is also a pain
~ Limited variation

60 attack gives alot of variation, more specs/chances to ko, but you’ll need to be at least 80 strength, preferably higher imo.

Positives of 60 Attack

~ More Variation/Can melee more effectively
~ More special attacks with dds, can still use gmaul too if needed
~ More accuracy against zerkers/voiders which also in turn give better loots


~ If haven’t finished chinning and want to use dscimmy then have to finish quest and unable to go back.
~ Bad at low strength levels.

75 attack pure has been my favourite build due to the incredible accuracy/strength of ags, even against people with defence

Positives of 75 attack

~ More variation with whips/sarasword/godswords
~ Strong against all builds due to sheer power of ags
~ the stacks from msb to ags are always so juicy.


~ Raises your combat alot so you have to fight alot of zerkers etc
~ Requires a larger bank to be able to use everything
~ Risk of losing an ags…

Training Order

Step 1) Tutorial Island + 250ish dbones 1-43 prayer (if you are going to be 45 prayer pure, don’t worry exp from quests won’t level you over 45)
Step 2) From “07 Altar” fc W330 in Yanille go to fight arena with melee pray + strike spells, then do tree gnome.
Step 3) Once completed tree gnome get 1-10 agility at the course, then teleport to Draynor and get 10-20 (you can boost 20-25 with summer pie)
Step 4) Do Grand Tree with summer pie agility boost, then start monkeymadness, get to the part where you can enter the island/chin spot
Step 5) Do Cannon quest. Your attack should be quested enough that you can wield rune 2h. Your cannon accuracy depends on your weapon’s attack style bonus
Step 6) Go to rock crabs with staminas (and ppots if you have prayer) and 2-3k cannonballs and a cannon, str ammy, cb brace, r2h, run around cannoning
Step 7) one hour later you should be 1-45 range, now you can chin with grey chins.
Step 8) chin 45-55 with grey chins, then move on to red.
Step 9) chin 55-99 or w/e range you can afford, then you can finish monkey madness if you want to get a dscimmy.

This is a basic starter that I always do, to get range out the way first.
After this you can choose what else you’d like to do, in whatever order you like, and you don’t by any means have to chin/train range first
I just like chinning first personally…

Best pure training spots

Rock Crabs
Perfect for lower levels, semi afk on water-birth island if you can get the 2 or 3 rock crab spots (have to hop round worlds alot)

Can train melee here and also range (either with msb and addy arrows, or iron knives, or blowpipe if you can afford w/ steel/mith darts)
Points can be exchanged for items to be sold for gp, so you near break even or even profit at higher levels, buy 15 herb boxes every day.
Best 5 setup is; Vampire Slayer/Tree Gnome/Lost City/Fight Arena + either Mountain Daughter (if you can be fkd to do quest) or Grand Tree (slightly harder to hit)
Wouldn’t suggest going to NMZ until 50 or 60 strength, or 50+ range
Safe minigame (don’t lose anything if you accidentally die)
Required for imbued rings if you want them.

Go Alisha mode. Must have started creature of frenkenstein, so requires priest in peril. More monsters with high hp than rock crabs, not as afk.

If you can’t be bothered to do nightmare zone quests, don’t forget ring of life…

Green/Blue Dragons
You can mage/range these safespottable and to make some profit, just be careful in wilderness from pkers. 50 range minimum I’d suggest.

Ogre Cage
Cannon at King Lanthas training camp for more afkable experience with no hp exp, or safe spot range train.

Pest Control
if you want low hp account then again this is another good option if you enjoy playing minigames, 40cb requirement, mix it up a little.

Worth splashing every night due to the really low cost, world 329 clan wars to find a partner to afk for 6 hours at a time.

Skeleton Monkeys
Chin/Burst (have to start monkey madness)