New Rush Royale PVE Mode -Dungeons

Rush Royale has just added it’s newest mode to the game – Dungeons. It’s the newest PvE mode the developers have added and will be replacing the popular CO-OP mode. While the initial reception of the news has been fairly negative on social media, the developers have said the rewards will be faster and better than what you typically get in CO-OP.

Soon, each player will be able to explore catacombs in search for various treasures. As you explore, you’ll still be facing waves of enemies which will be anywhere from 15 to 40 waves, including brand new monsters and a boss. Each dungeon will consist of several floors players can battle through.

Each level or “floor” of the Catacombs can be played with a random person or be done with a friend or clanmate. However, each floor can only be completed once except for the very last level, which can be played an unlimited number of times if passed.

In order to enter any floor, you will need a special key which will be given daily with the amount given dependent on your prestige level. The minimum amount is two while the maximum is six.

New Boss – King Pudding

The newest boss you’ll have to tackle in Rush Royale catacombs will be King Pudding. To truly kill King Pudding, users will have to kill him in three different phases. The first phase the boss will throw slime at your units which slows their attacks and will disappear over time.

In the second phase, King Pudding will split into smaller versions of itself which have half of the health of the first place, moves quicker, and continues to throw slime at your units.

The third and final phase there will be six mini version of itself, each with a quarter of the health of the original phase. This phase will move 30% quicker than the first phase of the boss but it no longer throws slimes at your units.

Players can negate damage from the thrown slime by quickly merging the targeted unit with another or switching positions with a Portal Keeper.

New Monster – Bomber

Players in the Catacombs will also be encountering a new monster called the Bomber Monster. Unlike the other monsters, the Bomber will not have the goal of running to the gate. This monster will instead randomly stun your units by throwing bombs at them. If you’re able to kill the Bomber quickly the bomb will explode and damage monster near him on the path.

Rush Royale Catacombs Rewards

As you progress through the Catacombs by getting through more floors, so will your rewards. Players will be able to receive Gold and Battle Pass points which scales with each floor your clear.

You’ll also be rewarded with a ‘big treasure chest’ at the exit of the dungeon containing more cards and gold. The amount of gold you can receive from this mode is equivalent to reaching waves 70 – 75 in CO-OP mode and will take less time to complete.

You’ll also be able to find magical items while playing in PVP such as ‘Magic Lantern’ which will increase the amount of gold you can get through dungeons.

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