My Hero Ultra Impact Reroll Guide

My Hero Ultra Impact is a mobile game release by Bandai Namco Entertainment based off the popular TV anime series. In this game, players can battle opponents in a 3v3 battle, follow a storyline by playing the in-game quests, or fight against other players in a PVP mode.

But if there’s one thing everyone needs it’s strong heroes with strong Quirks. Part of the acquiring strong heroes and Quirks to include in your battles is rerolling existing ones. We’ll be going through a list of all the reroll combinations available to help you unlock some of the strongest heroes and Quirks in the game.

Best My Hero Ultra Impact Reroll Combinations

Yellow Aizawa and Green Hawks

Aizawa will buff Pro Heroes attack stat while also being able to seal skills and cleanse enemy debuffs. Hawks gives allies a 1 time evasion at the start of the battle while also being a Pro Hero.

Purple AFO and Purple Shigaraki

AFO grants a 15% critical strike rate to Villains and can reduce skill cooldowns for himself and allies. Shigaraki gives League of Villain types a 30% increase to attack and has multiple ways to increase his skill damage. He’ll also do increased damage against Pro Hero types.

Green Ochaco and Green Todoroki

Ochaco buffs Green Type attacks by 25%. She’ll also heal allies and apply a one-hit evasion while countering normal attacks. Todoroki has two area of effect attacks which can inflict freeze and burn. He can dish out PU attacks as he has ways to increase his gauge through skill and wave start.

Blue Momo and Blue Bakugo

Momo gives Blue Types a 25% attack increase and can heal allies while increasing their PU gauge all while reducing enemy speed. Bakugo can decrease enemy defenses, inflict burn, blindness, and increase his attack based on how many enemies he’s defeated.

Yellow Aizawa and Red Kirishima

Kirishima gives Red Types a 25% attack increase. He has a taunt which will apply a max of 80% damage cut for one turn and 40% for an additional two turns after. He has a counter and gains three hits of Barrier from PU which improves his survivability.

Green Ochaco and Green Hawks

These two are your mono green core heroes. Hawks will have wave start evasion and Ochaco can heal and offer evasion refresh. He’ll also buff green type attacks.

Blue Bakugo and Green Todoroki

Bakugo can inflict burn with AS1 while Todoroki can do it with both his PU and AS2, which also give his PU more damage. Todoroki’s AS1 can freeze an enemy and set up for a big critical damage hit from Bakugo. These two units complement each other very well.

Red Deku and Red Kirishima

Deku has multiple ways to increase his attack stat but it’s at the cost of him self-inflicting damage from his AS1 and PU. However, he has a three turn 20% auto heal to counter this effect. Kirishima is your tank to keep Deku alive while he is buffing himself for powerful attacks.

We hope this My Hero Ultra Impact reroll guide helped you! Make sure to bookmark this page and come back often for the latest updates.