Minecraft Dungeons Tier List – Best Weapons

Minecraft Dungeons is an expansion of the Minecraft franchise. It takes out all the block farming and leaves in just the mayhem and adventure of dungeon crawling and creeper slaying. Minecraft Dungeons has multiple expansions with more mobs and environments to overcome but for this guide we will be focusing on the base game. So if you have already started your Minecraft Dungeons journey and are looking to find the best end game gear then look no further as you have found the answers to all of your questions. Let’s dive right into the tier list looking at the best melee and ranged weapons in Minecraft Dungeons.

Best melee weapons in Minecraft Dungeons


Let’s start with some uber powered melee weapons. The Heartstealer is a powerful sword with the ability to steal health from mobs as well as pushback enemies. The Heartstealer has a chance to drop in the Obsidian Pinnacle level or the secret Moo (Cow) level. So this one may take a little time to farm out but well worth the wait.

Hammer of Gravity

The next melee weapon we will be looking at is the Hammer of Gravity and you will be thankful that this one has a couple more drop opportunities than the previous weapon. The Hammer of Gravity is just that, a hammer with the ability to pull enemies in. The added bonus to this weapon is it also has great splash damage. If you are looking to get your hands on this masher of mobs then you will have to hope it drops in either of the following levels: Fiery Forge, Underhall, Obsidian Pinnacle, or the Overgrown Temple.


The last melee weapon we will be hunting for is the Firebrand. This hellish axe has the power to burn mobs and use a spin attack move, making it a great choice for clearing large groups of mobs. If you are looking to add this weapon to your arsenal you are going to have to hope it drops from either the Creeper Woods or the Highblock Halls.

Best ranged weapons in Minecraft Dungeons

Guardian Bow

A heroes ruthless rampaging repertoire wouldn’t be complete without some ranged weapons to compliment the smash ’em up tools. Let’s start with the guardian bow, this supercharged bow has the ability for charged attacks making it hit hard. This weapon can be all yours if you are willing to search in the Cacti Canyons, Pumpkin Pastures, or the Arch Haven and trust me you wont regret it.

Harp Crossbow

Next of the list is the Harp Crossbow.  Don’t let this magical musical instrument fool you. It can cause a lot of havoc with its ability to fire multiple projectiles with a single shot. If you are looking to become the maestro of mayhem then look in the Soggy Swamps, Highblock Halls, or Lone Fortress for this bad boy.

Hunters Promise

And last but certainly not least if the Hunters Promise. If you have always wanted a pet to travel alongside with you that isn’t just for looks then this is the bow for you. This bow lets your pets attack targeted mobs and also gives you the chance to regain some arrows. Very useful in those low resource times. This bow can be found in the Soggy Swamp, Soggy Cave, Panda Plateau, or the Dingy Jungle.

This concludes our Minecraft Dungeons tier list looking at the best melee and ranged items in the game. Make sure to bookmark this page and visit it regularly to stay up-to-date on all the latest info.