Licorice Cookie Toppings Build – Cookie Run Kingdom

Licorice is one of the many Epic Cookies you can put on your team in Cookie Run Kingdom. He’s also one of the strongest Cookies to build and prioritize in the early game before you find any Legendary Cookies to include in your team. But what are the best toppings and ways to build Licorice so you can get the most out of him? Let’s take a look!

Licorice Cookie – Cookie Run Kingdom

While Licorice is classified as a ‘Magic’ Cookie in the game, he’s so much more than that. He can also be considered a Tank and a Buffer thanks to how strong his kit is.

Licorice Cookie Skill Info

Summons black lightning and Licorice Servants. The potent spell briefly increases the party’s defense.

  • Single hit damage: 416.1%
  • Summons Licorice Servants with 5% attack, 150% Defense, and 50% Health.
  • +20% Defense for 7 seconds.

Best Licorice Cookie Toppings

When it comes to what toppings you should be investing in for Licorice, we suggest going for a full cooldown set. The cooldown percentage you get is going to allow you to cast his spell more often letting you deal more damage. Not only that, it will give you more uptime with the minions that spawn and the defense buff is also a nice plus.

  • 5x Swift Chocolate Topping

If you’re confused with how cooldown percentage works, think of it like this. The more cooldown percentage you have, the shorter your spell cast timer gets. The more you can cast, the more damage and tankiness you can provide to your team. The Swift Chocolate Toppings are by far the strongest toppings to use for Licorice Cookie.

How to get Licorice Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

If you don’t own Licorice and want to incorporate him on your team, you’re going to need a bit of luck. In order to unlock Licorice you’ll need to go through the Gacha in the game where you’ll have a 0.05% chance of unlocking him. Each pull in the Gacha will cost you 300 Crystals, which can be accrued through paying for them or playing the game. It’s unfortunately all in the luck of the draw. Good luck!

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