League of Pantheons Events Guide

League of Pantheons will has a variety of different events happening that are server dependent. You can find events that are currently active for your server by looking at the top right of your screen while at the main city.

Regardless of which event you currently have active for your server, one thing remains the same – events are incredibly important for obtaining strong heroes for cheap. If you are the type of player to hoard your valuable resources, you’re in luck as those will be vital in these events. We’ll be breaking down each event and letting you know what the most valuable purchases are to make.

Magic Summon Event

This is a very important event (especially as a free-to-play user) as it will allow you to get a guaranteed hero of your choice for cheaper than anywhere else and is an essential method for players to obtain an optimal end game lineup. 

You will need to save 20,000 gems for wind, fire, and water heroes and 28,000 for dark or light. For this case, it’s usually best to spend your resources on dark or light heroes.

The hero pool you can choose from will rotate constantly on the dates shown on the event page – so if the hero you want to wish for isn’t listed check back frequently. 

28,000 gems might sound expensive, but let’s put it into perspective. Imagine that you want to summon Venus. The other methods to obtain her are as follows:

  • Using Advanced Summon which only has a 0.020% drop rate to get her.
  • Using Seer Stones which has a 0.15% drop rate and can cost 45,000 gems worth of Seer Stones.
  • Using Magic Summon Wished Hero which has a 1.64% drop rate 

For 4,000 gems worth of Magic Summon you will have 10x summon at the 1.64% drop rate.

For 4,000 gems with Seer Stones you will get 4x summons at the 0.15% drop rate.

This also means you will have 2.5x more rewards with Magic Summon and a guaranteed 5 star hero every 10x pull.

Using the Magic Summon, you’ll get a guaranteed hero of your choice for just 28,000 gems.

This might have made Seer Stones sound bad, but they are equally as important in their own event which we’ll dive into next.

Seer Summon Event

Unlike the Magic Summoner event, the Seer Summon event isn’t constant. This means saving up your Seer Stones and being patient will work in your favor.

To capitalize on this event the most, you will want to save 100 Seer Stones in total. This will get you two guaranteed top tier heroes from the Seer Store.

With the Holy Feathers drop you will also get one more guaranteed hero every 2 Seer Summon events which comes to 45 feathers per event and 80 feathers to summon top tier hero.

Timed Exchange Events

The time exchange events are a recurring event which offers a reward currency that is passively earned through the story mode’s auto-rewards. Blitzing the story mode will grant you with some extra reward currency.

Keep in mind that the event name, reward currency, and reward hero will change each event to match a specific theme. The event will still run the exact same regardless.

There are some great rewards here and the best ones to get depends on what you’re needing. The reward hero is usually a safe choice, as is the Seer Stones and Adv. Summon Scrolls for 10 each.

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