Knight’s Edge Redemption Codes

Knight’s Edge is a new mobile game released by Lightfox Games in September of 2021. The game is a 3 versus 3 multiplayer game that offers PVE and PVP elements. The objective is to slay monsters with your team to unlock new weapons and perks which make you stronger.

As you progress throughout the game, you’ll be able to increase the damage you’re able to do to monsters with the weapons you unlock and upgrade. There are a magnitude of different load outs you’re able to choose from which adds a strategic element.

Players will progress through various bosses set in a series of arenas and are only allowed to progress to the next arena once a boss is defeated.

As with most mobile games, Knight’s Edge offers a battle pass and quests so players can unlock rewards the more the play. The two currencies used are gold and gems. Gold is the “free” currency which are used to include a variety of weapons while gems are the “premium” currency. The game will reward you with more gold than it does gems unless you’re willing to pay.

However, Knight’s Edge will occasionally offers promotional codes that allow users to unlock in-game rewards including gems. Especially with the recent partnership between Tribe Gaming and all of their creators.

Active Knight’s Edge Redemption Codes

  • FIRST – 50 Gems
  • HEY5K

There are only two active gift codes at the moment for Knight’s Edge.

Expired Gift Codes

  • Crushinit – 10x Uncommon Bars (This is Molt’s code)
  • BESTTICK – 10x Uncommon Lightshards (This is Nat’s code)
  • Swagmode – 1,500 Gold (This is Bentimm1’s code)
  • Flipside – Chest (This is Lex’s code)
  • TimisFake – 1,500 Gold (This is KairosTimeYT’s code)
  • Cheese – 25 Gems (This is OJ’s code)
  • Rocket – Chest (This is Chief Pat’s code)

How to Redeem Codes in Knight’s Edge

Not sure how to redeem the codes? It’s quite simple! When the game is open, you’ll see a list of option on the very top right of the game (it’s a small square with 3 lines). Click on that in order to open up the full menu list. From there you will see “Redeem Code” which you can push to bring up a place to type. Simple type the codes above in and hit “redeem code”.

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