Javelin Amazon Build Guide – Diablo 2 Resurrected

The Javelin Amazon, AKA ‘JavaAzon’ is a fantastic character to play in Diablo 2 Resurrected if you’re looking for a PVM play style. While you might not have the strongest early game for magic finding compared to something like a Blizzard Sorceress, you get the benefit of not having to worry about monster immunities and you’re much less likely to die. Once you get some gear you can clear packs of monsters with ease.

Javazon Guide – D2R


  • Charged Strike [20]
  • Lightning Fury [20]
  • Lightning Strike [20]
  • Lightning Bolt [20]
  • Power Strike [20]
  • Jab [1]
  • Poison Javelin [1]
  • Plague Javelin [1]
  • Critical Strike [1]
  • Penetrate [1]
  • Pierce [1]
  • Dodge [1]
  • Avoid [1]
  • Evade [1]

When you’re fully geared, you’re single skill abilities will be level 9.


  • Strength – Enough to wear your gear.
  • Dexterity – Enough to wear your gear and get max block. Keep in mind you might have to add more to dexterity every time you level in order to keep your block at 75%.
  • Vitality – All remaining points
  • Energy – None

As always, max resistances are a must. If you’re lacking, make sure you’ve saved Anya in act 5 for the bonus resistances. If you still find yourself needing more, fill your inventory with some all resistance charms.

Equipment and Items

The below list is the optimal gear. If you’re just starting out, replace it with the best items you find throughout leveling.

  • Helmet – Griffon’s Eye Diadem
  • Amulet – The Cat’s Eye or Highlord’s Wrath
  • Armor – Chains of Honor. COH provides nice resistances and doubles your damage to undead (which the majority of monsters are in Diablo).
  • Belt – Razortail. The piercing attack offered on this belt helps immensely.
  • Gloves – +3 Java / 20 IAS magical gloves or +2 Java / 20 IAS / Mods rare gloves.
  • Boots – Waterwalks, Sandstorm Treks, Aldur’s Advance or War Travelers
  • Shield – Moser’s Blessed Circle Round Shield or Stromshield Monarch.
  • Weapon – Titan’s Revenge Javelins or Thunderstroke Javelin’s.
  • Rings – Ravenfrost and a dual leech. The mana steal is very important.


There are three options for a mercenary but all of them are from Act 2. Nightmare Defensive (which offers Holy Freeze), Nightmare Offensive (Might), or Hell combat (offers Prayer).

Helmet – Andariel’s Visage or Vampire Gaze
Armor – Treachery or Fortitude
Weapon – Ethereal Infinity Thresher