Infinity Kingdom gift codes to redeem

Whether you’re looking for some free gems, experience boosts, or some speed ups in Infinity Kingdom, we’re here to supply you with all of the active gift codes available for redemption to get you those free in-game goodies. The developers of Infinity Kingdom release gift codes randomly throughout the months through various ads, influencers, social media, and more. We’ve curated all of the working gift codes for you below.

The developers of this game are actually quite generous with the number of free gift codes they give out to the players. Make sure to bookmark this page and visit it frequently to keep an eye out on all the new redemption codes you can use for Infinity Kingdom!

How to redeem gift codes in Infinity Kingdom

Not sure where to redeem gift codes in Infinity Kingdom? Open the game on your mobile phone and tap your avatar in the top left corner of your screen. From there, you’ll see your troop power, username, etc. On the bottom right of that screen you’ll see a gear icon for “settings”. From there you’ll see a gem bag called “redeem” where you’ll be able to type in your codes.

Active Infinity Kingdom gift codes

We’ll keep this list of codes regularly updated and remove any inactive codes. Please keep in mind these codes are case sensitive.

  • holiday
  • christmas
  • papaya
  • raspberry
  • snowball
  • snowy
  • linabell
  • kingscol
  • apricot
  • tangor
  • ratio
  • sugarcane

Expired Infinity Kingdom Gift Codes

The below codes are expired and are (most likely) no longer working but you’re more than welcome to test them. Occasionally, a code that is set to expire is still active.

  • sosyak
  • superluck
  • sweeties
  • trofimov
  • joindiscord

These free redemption codes in this article were last updated on December 28, 2021.