How to play Rush Royale on PC with a mouse

If you enjoy Rush Royale but prefer playing it on your computer, whether it be for comfort or for the ease of streaming, you’re in luck. Thanks to the wonderful world of ’emulators’. Emulators allow you to play Android games such as Rush Royale on your PC with ease.

While there are a handful of different emulators available online, some free and some paid, we’ll be looking at one called BlueStacks for this guide. Bluestacks is a free-to-download and a free-to-play emulator that you can use to play Rush Royale on your computer.

So whether you’re looking to create Youtube videos or stream your Rush Royale gameplay to Twitch, this emulator might be the perfect fit for you. You’ll be playing the same exact Rush Royale that you do on your phone, but from the ease of your computer using your mouse and keyboard.

How to play Rush Royale on the computer

The first thing we’ll need to do to get started is by downloading the emulator. As mentioned above, there are a variety of different emulators available online. For this guide, we’ll be working with BlueStacks, one of the most popular free to use emulators available.

Once BlueStacks is downloaded and installed, simply open the application and use the search bar to search for “Rush Royale”. You can download BlueStacks for free using this link. From there, you’ll see an option to install the game from the Google Play store. Once the installation completes, you can open Rush Royale on your PC by clicking the Rush Royale icon.

It’s that simple. If the developers come out with an update for Rush Royale, you’ll be presented with the option to update your game file when clicking the icon.

Rush Royale isn’t the only game you’re able to play using this program. As long as the game exists in the Google Play store, it can be played on your PC. Simply search for any game the same way you searched for Rush Royale and follow the same steps.

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