How to play League of Pantheons on the computer

Whether you’re looking to create League of Pantheons content or just want to play it on the side while browsing the web, there’s any easy way to get League of Pantheons working and playable on PC.

Most of the time, people that play mobile games on their computer are looking for an easy way to capture their gameplay to upload to Twitch or Youtube. Sure you can always record your mobile screen and upload it that way, but files can be large and in the wrong formats.

If you’re not looking to spend money on equipment to capture your phone via your PC, there’s luckily an easy alternative. Today we’ll be looking at a quick covering how to play League of Pantheons on your computer.

How to play League of Pantheons on PC

The first thing you’ll need to successfully play League of Pantheons on your computer is an emulator. In short, an emulator simply mirrors what one can typically find on their Android phone but puts it directly on your computer. There are a handful of different emulators available to download but my favorite and one of the most popular is BlueStacks.

The first thing you need to do in order to get League of Pantheons playable on PC is finding an emulator of your choice. For this guide, we’ll be looking at BlueStacks which can be downloaded here. Once that is downloaded simply follow these steps.

  • Install the emulator on your desktop.
  • Open BlueStacks and type in “League of Pantheons” in the top search bar.
  • From there, you should see a page that looks exactly like what you’d find if you were to browse an app. in an Android device.
  • Click “Install” for League of Pantheons.
  • Once the game is installed you can open it via the BlueStacks homepage.

It’s that simple! Once you open the application on your computer, you’ll be able to use your mouse to control the game just as you would tap via your phone.

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