How to ping the mini map in Wild Rift

Communication is a key factor when playing League of Legend’s Mobile game ‘Wild Rift’, however typing can take too much time away from the game. To solve this problem, Riot has added various ‘ping’ function that allow you to quickly tell your team what to do. The three ping functions are located at the top right of your screen and represent different calls.

The first one in the list are two crossed swords which signals your team to ‘engage’. The one below that, the red exclamation point, is to call for your team to ‘retreat’. And lastly, the blue down-pointing arrow means you’re ‘on your way’ – which is a fantastic ping to let your team know where you will be heading next.

Wild Rift Pings

To use the pings, you simply tap on the specific icon for the shot you’re wanting to call out. Doing so will set the ping wherever your character is on the mini map, which can be great for something like ‘danger’ after finishing a fight. However, it’s not so great for trying to make steps for a next call where you sometimes need to tell your team where on the map to go. So how do you ping the mini map? Simply hold down the ping icon you want to call out. This will enlarge the mini map slightly and lets you drag the ping to wherever you want on the mini map.

Wild Rift Mini Map Pings

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