How to find Spider Cavern in Diablo 2 Resurrected

So you have made it to Act 3 in Diablo 2 Resurrected and are looking to complete Khalim’s Will quest. In order to due so, you’ll need to find Khalim’s Eye to make Kahlim’s flail so you can destroy the Compelling Orb in the Travincal.

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably skipped this quest many times in the past by getting rushed and going straight from killing the Travincal council members directly to the Durance of Hate. Unfortunately, due to the recent change from Blizzard in patch 2.4, you’re no longer able to expedite Act 3 by skipping the quests.

Where is the Spider Cavern in Act 3

In order to finish Khalim’s Will quest in Act 3, you now need to find Khalim’s Eye. The eye is located in the Spider Cavern and can be a bit of a pain to find sometimes.

When arriving to Act 3, exit the town to begin your trek through the Spider Forest. While the maps spawned for this location are random, it’s best to follow the left side of the wall which will eventually bring you through the whole map.

You’ll be looking for a cave entrance in the Spider Forest to climb into. You can tell when you’re close, because the ground around the entrance will be covered by spider webs.

This cavern will always spawn inside of the Spider Forest, so if you find yourself getting past the Spider Forest, turn around because you’ve gone too far.

Once inside the Spider Cavern, you’ll be searching for a magical chest which will be surrounded by a group of monsters. Unlike normal chests, a magical chest will appear on your mini-map after you have spotted it location. Simply open the chest and Khalim’s Eye will be inside of it.

There is another cavern located in the Spider Forest called the Arachnid Lair, which is not the location you’re looking for. Make sure you’re entering the proper cave by hovering over the entrance to see the name. If you’re ever uncertain if you’re in the right spot, you can always open your mini-map and look at the location you’re in which is listed in the top right corner.

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