How to farm gold fast in Rush Royale | Gold Farm Guide

Upgrading units can become very costly and earning gold can be very slow, that’s where this guide comes in handy! This is currently one of the quickest of most reliable ways to earn gold in Rush Royale and offers the most gold per second.

This guide is for co-op, so you will want to find someone in your clan to do this with, as with the clan bonus you will gain a lot more gold! This guide aims to get you to wave 60 as fast as possible, rinse and then repeat. Each run should take between 18-22 minutes, faster setup and higher DPS (damage per second) will speed things up. One player will be the DOS deck, the other support.

For your support deck you’ll want to run Harlequin, Summoner, Shaman, Mime, and Reaper.

For your DPS deck you’ll want to run Zealot, Dryad, Chemist, Harlequin, and Knight Statue (Banner can also replace this).

Support CO-OP Strategy

Early Waves (1 – 14)

Early on, you will want to fill your board with cards. Do not merge any Shaman until the dps has their board setup. To begin, merge only Summoners. Once your allied DPS has their board setup, they should send the thumbs up emote, indicating it is time for you to start using Shaman. Aim to keep 1 shaman of each merge level on the board in case your next card is Harlequin, which allows you to duplicate more Shaman cards.

Middle Waves (15 – 20)

At this point you should have few reaper on the board (you will gain more passively when you merge shaman and summoners). Once you have 3-5 reapers begin upgrading them, usually by wave 20 they are fully upgraded.

Bedlam Boss – Wave 30

The Bedlam boss will spawn at wave 30 and mess up your board. Make sure to merge all Shamans that you can before Bedlam spawns and fill your board as much as possible. If Bedlam shuffles your board and you are left with no reapers, place your hero dummy to stall for a second shuffle. At this stage, your DPS should have tier 6-7 Zealots, if not spam some more shaman until this is achieved, now you can focus on increasing your reaper count to speed up waves.

DPS CO-OP Strategy

Early and Mid Waves

Begin spawning units but be mindful of merging and the placements of your merging to provide optimal setup. You will want to merge units into clusters, allowing Knight Statue or Banner to buff as many Zealots as possible. The goal is to have these Zealots placed around your buff card whenever possible.

If running Knight Statue, aim for only 2 so you’re provided with the bonus buff without taking up too much board space. Too many knight statues and you make it harder for shaman to hit a zealot.

Ideally, you will only need 1 Chemist. Harlequin and Dryad are to be used to help setup your board. If you are using Bombardier instead of Dryad, then 1 will be enough.

Once you are happy with your board give a thumbs up, so your support knows to begin using Shaman. Your board should look similar to this to start (having a few more Zealots around your buff card would be even better).

Rush Royale Board Set up COOP
DPS Set Up Early

Bedlam Boss – Wave 30

You should have around three tier 6 or 7 Zealots. As soon as bedlam spawns use your hero dummy because a level 5 Hero it will provide a 20% increase in your attack speed. With enough DPS you will kill bedlam before your board is shuffled. If not you will need to make some quick decisions to salvage you board. The amount of Zealots needed will vary from player to player, currently my critical damage is 964% and my zealot is level 11. I can kill bedlam with 3 Zealots if they are buffed by knight statues before my board is shuffled. Through some practice you will find the optimum amount you need too, play it safe and start with around 5.

Warlock Boss – Wave 40

Similar to Bedlam, drop your hero dummy when Warlock spawns for the extra attack speed. Sometimes you will kill Warlock before it destroys a unit. If a Knight Statue is destroyed you will lose your buff, so buy 1 unit at a time until you have 2 Knight Statues on the board again.

Keep in mind you’re able to merge dodge the Warlock ability by merging the card he is going to target to eliminate. You can also check out our other boss strategies for PVP.

Puppeteer Boss – Wave 60

This will be the last wave you will beat. Every time you are leveled down, quickly buy the upgrades back. Again, you may need 1 hero dummy to secure this wave.

CO-OP Gold Wave 60