How much money does Odablock make from streaming

Who is Odablock?

Odablock is a professional Old School Runescape content creator who streams full-time on Twitch. He quickly rose to fame for his quirky and loud personality while also being one of the best high-risk PVPers in the game. Odablock might stream a fairly niche game that normally averages 6,000 viewers total on all of Twitch, his fanbase is like no other with their support. Considering the fact he’s been banned multiple times off the platform and still maintains numbers like he does is truly impressive. So how much money does Odablock actually make from streaming on Twitch? Let’s take a look.

Estimated monthly amount Odablock makes

Ever wondered how much money someone like Odablock can make live streaming on Twitch? Our estimates are that Odablock makes $55,687.54 every month from streaming on Twitch or $668,250.48 per year. There are five primary ways content creators make money from live streaming on Twitch. Subscribers, donations, bits, sponsored content, and commercials. Let’s take a deeper dive into each avenue.

Odablock’s revenue from Twitch subscribers

Odablock's active subscriber count

As of writing, Odablock as a total of 13,134 active subscribers (which is the 49th most subscribed channel on all of Twitch). There are three different tiers of subscribers which cost different amounts. Tier 1 cost $4.99 a month, Tier 2 $9.99 and Tier 3 is $24.99. Many creators on Twitch have a 50/50 subscriber revenue share with Twitch (meaning Twitch receive half of every subscription). However, Odablock has recently been signed by one of the largest talent agencies in the space called Evolved, the same agency who represent creators like xQC. Most of the time, agencies of this caliber are able to negotiate a 70/30 split with Twitch on subscriber revenue for their talent.

Tier 1 Subscribers: 12,365 at a 70/30 split = $43,190.95
Tier 2 Subscribers: 64 at a 70/30 split = $447.55
Tier 3 Subscribers: 67 at a 70/30 split = $1,172.03

Odablock’s total monthly subscriber income is $44,810.54

Odablock’s revenue from donations and bits

Donations and bits are another major source of revenue for Twitch streamers, however it’s not nearly as consistent as they come in randomly. On average, Odablock receives $56 from bits and direct donations every hour. As of writing, Odablock streams an average of 133 hours every month. Our estimate for the amount of money he receives from bits and donations every month comes out to be $7,448.

Odablock’s revenue from sponsorships

Many of the larger streamers on Twitch have sponsorships from hardware companies, energy drinks, or other semi-endemic brands that last for a usual period of 6 months (before renewal). Odablock is one of the few larger streamers who doesn’t have one of these sponsors – though I’m sure some are on the way with his recent signing with Evolved.

He does however occasionally do sponsored game streams. While pricing for this can range drastically, streamers typically make anywhere from $0.01 to $1.00 per concurrent viewer per hour. Unless the game has a lot of hype around it and creators plan on playing it regardless of a sponsorship, you can safely expect them to be paid in the $0.50 – $1.00 range. With Odablock’s average concurrent viewership coming in at 2,294 we estimate he receives anywhere from $1,147 to $2,294 per hour from each sponsored stream. However, he rarely does sponsored streams so for our estimate we’ll be using the low end of $1,147 a month.

Odablock’s revenue from commercials

Commercials are typically only lucrative for creators that average tens of thousands of concurrent viewers and vary drastically depending on the month in the year. With pre-roll commercials, whether it be on platforms like Twitch or Youtube, they all operate on a ‘CPM’ model. Meaning, cost per every 1,000 impressions. An impressions is counted every time a user sees an advertisement. During the later half of the year, CPMs are typically higher due to holidays and companies budgeting more for their marketing initiatives. They also always tend to drop at the beginning of a new year.

CPMs always vary widely depending on where the audience is viewing from. ‘Tier 1‘ countries (generally English speaking countries) usually have much higher rates than ‘Tier 2‘ or ‘Tier 3‘ countries. On average, we can expect Twitch partners to receive $3.50 CPM from advertisements after Twitch takes their cut. As of writing, over the past 30 days Odablock has received 326,000 views, and due to Twitch’s recent addition of mid-roll ads we’re estimating Odablock receives $2,282 in Twitch ad revenue every month.