Figure Fantasy Active Redemption Codes – Free Diamonds

Figure Fantasy is an Idle RPG game released by Komoe Technology in December of 2021. Much like other Idle mobile games on the market, players aim to collect ‘figurines’ to build their strongest team. While there are some free figurines players can get daily, they can also use exclusive currency to unlock more draws for figurines.

The developers are constantly working with new content creators which have free codes to give away. They also randomly drop codes for users to redeem on their social pages. We’ve compiled a full list of active redemption codes players can use to get free diamonds, gold, and purple shards.

Make sure to bookmark this page and visit it frequently to see all the newest codes available for redemption. Also take a look at our Figure Fantasy tier list.

Figure Fantasy Active Codes

The below codes are the official pack codes released by the publisher.

  • Figure2022
  • Happy2022
  • Treasure2022
  • FFSNS001
  • Lucky2022
  • yuki888

Figure Fantasy Creator Codes

The below codes were given out by various partnered creators and can each be redeemed for 10K coins, 50 Diamonds, and 20 Purple Shards.

  • Borkono
  • Volkin
  • FG3000
  • mtashed
  • Omni
  • SeanB
  • smg4
  • rimuu
  • Crabotani
  • YDCBGames
  • Swankybox
  • Moonshine
  • Lostpause
  • mogwaty
  • orangejuice
  • Mangoseven
  • Orangesekaii
  • GachaGamer
  • MechaGaikotsu
  • TheAnimeMan
  • Vanossgaming
  • sunnysplosion

How to redeem codes in Figure Fantasy

Not sure where you to put all of the above codes? No worries! Once your game is open simply follow the below steps.

  1. Tap on the ‘settings’ option in the top right of your screen.
  2. Tap on ‘redeem pack’.
  3. Type each of the above codes in one at a time.
  4. After redeeming your code you should have your rewards. If they were not automatically applied check your mailbox in the game to redeem them.