Dynasty Warriors Mobile Gameplay – Official Launch

If you’re like me and had many fond memories growing up playing the classic Dynasty Warriors series on Playstation, you’re going to love the new Dynasty Warriors that’s coming to your mobile phone for IOS and Android. It has almost everything you know and loved about the original hack and slash and it’s coming to your phone next. The gameplay is intuitive, smooth, and can be played in both landscape and portrait mode.

The game’s launch will only include a handful of the characters you played through the original Dynasty Warriors series, but Koei Tecmo has plans to eventually include all 94 characters featured in the older titles.

When does Dynasty Warriors mobile Launch

The game was first showcased at the Tokyo Game Show 2020 by Koei Tecmo and their financial reports indicated that the mobile title would release sometime in the fourth quarter. Obviously, that was not the case. Dyansty Warriors mobile is now planned to launch sometime in March of 2021. The publisher has opened pre-registrations for players in Japan. Mobile gaming is a massive market in China and Japan, so it’s no surprise that the local publishers plan to launch there first.

While you can play from other regions using a VPN, you can expect the game to come to other regions later on in the game.

Dynasty Warriors Mobile Gameplay