Durance of Hate Map Layouts – Finding Mephisto Easily

One of the best places to magic find in Diablo 2 Resurrected is by killing the Act 3 boss, Mephisto. Finding the entrance to Durance of Hate level 3 and Mephisto can seem like an annoying task. It’s one of the biggest maps in the game and can slow down your magic finding runs significantly. Luckily for you, there’s an easy way to quickly find Durance of Hate level 3 and Mephisto when you know the map layouts.

How to find Mephisto fast

When you spawn into Durance of Hate level 2 from the waypoint you will often spawn with only one ‘exit’. To find the next level quickly, you’ll be looking to follow the left side of the wall going clockwise. If things get confusing, face your character towards the ‘exit’ of the waypoint and follow the side of the wall that your weapon hand is.

Durance of Hate Map Layout

Nine times out of ten, this will be the quickest route to find Durance of Hate level 3. Occasionally, the RNG of the maps will throw you a curve ball putting the next level in the middle of the map but that is very uncommon.

How to bug Mephisto with the moat trick

One of the best things about farming Mephisto for magic finding is that fact you don’t need to be super strong in order to kill him. While he does incredible damage if you have low resistances, all of that can be negated by bugging him with the ‘moat trick’. Doing so is actually quite simple letting you kill him with ease.

To do so, simply teleport close enough to aggravate him and get him to focus you. Once that’s done, run down towards the portal and teleport over the ‘river’. Run back slightly so you’re out of his attack range but still within yours. Mephisto will be stuck unable to attack while you dish damage out and kill him.

This trick can be done on a variety of classes outside of Sorceress as long as you have Teleport casts through items.

Mephisto Moat Trick

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