Deep Rock Galactic – Where to find Morkite and Gold in the tutorial

Deep Rock Galactic is a co-op FPS game developed by Ghost Ship Games which recently came out of BETA. While it’s available upon it’s release for both XBox and PlayStation, it was offered as a free game download for those with PlayStation Plus.

When starting the game you have to go through a quick tutorial process before being allowed to play with others. Like all tutorials, this one gives you a quick run down of what all the buttons do.

You’re also tasked with finding two specific minerals to mine – Gold and Morkite. This is shockingly difficult to locate if you’re a new player, so hopefully this tutorial guide can help you.

Where is Gold in Deep Rock Galactic tutorial?

The first mineral you’re tasked with mining in the Deep Rock Galactic tutorial is Gold. Make sure to throw your flares out in order to get light in the area for more visibility. What you should be looking for is a pillar close to the beginning of the tutorial, shortly after going down a short hill (almost like a ramp).

Gold ore in Deep Rock Galactic tutorial

From afar, the Gold Ore doesn’t look much like gold, especially with the color of your flares. Once you’re close, you’ll easily be able to see that it’s gold.

Where is Morkite in Deep Rock Galactic tutorial?

The second mineral you’ll be tasked with mining in the Deep Rock Galactic tutorial is Morkite. You’ll need to extract 100 Morkite before you’re able to complete the tutorial. This one was just as difficult to find for me my first time playing.

Shortly after you’re given the quest to mine Morkite, you’ll be able to find a small patch of it to your left side. That specific patch won’t be enough to finish the quest though. Keep progressing through the tunnel until you reach a bit of a cavern that is surrounded by dirt.

You’ll have to dig through that cavern until you’re able to get through to the other side. Once there, you’ll see a huge deposit of Morkite available to mine on the wall.

Morkite in Deep Rock Galactic tutorial