Diablo 2 Resurrected Patch 2.4 – Developer Update Information

One December 15th, 2021 Blizzard released notes for upcoming patch 2.4. In the notes they highlighted a handful of changes that will be implemented for the first major patch of D2R. While the information was somewhat scarce for some changes, they hinted that more information would be available during the ‘Developer Update Stream‘ hosted by popular D2R content creator, MrLlama.

Some of the major changes included Ladder updates and announcements, balance changes, new runewords, and mercenary changes. If you weren’t able to watch the live stream, we’ve compiled a handy list of all of the D2R changes to come in Patch 2.4.

D2R Ladder Changes and Runewords

Screenshot from the Dev Stream

It is now confirmed that the ladder seasons will last 4 months each. In order to keep ladder seasons fresh and exciting, Blizzard announced it will be adding new Runewords each season. The intention is to keep it competitive, give more options for underused runes, offer change, and shake the meta up every season.

The Runewords they have planned for Season 1 are Pattern and Plague. Both of these Runewords have been in the game previously back in August of 2005 but were later removed. They are now making their return with some slight tweaks that have yet to be shared.

Once the season ends, single player and non-ladder players will have the option to get the Runewords passed down.

Pattern Runeword

Pattern is a low tier Runeword that is made in a 3 socketed claw by combinging Tal, Ort, and Tir runes.

  • 10% Bonus to Attack Rating
  • +40-80% Enhanced damage
  • 17-62 Added Fire Damage
  • +15% Resist All
  • +6 to Strength
  • +6 to Dexterity
  • +30% chance to block
  • +2 to mana after each kill
  • 1-50 added Lightning damage

Plague Runeword

Plague can be made in any 3 socketed weapon and is a higher-tiered Runeword. To craft it, you need to combine Cham, Fal, and Um rune. This is much needed as a Cham rune is one of the worst high runes currently in the game.

  • 25% Chance to Cast Level 15 Poison Nova On Striking
  • 20% Chance to Cast Level 12 Lower Resist When Struck
  • Level 13-17 Cleansing Aura When Equipped (varies)
  • +1-2 All Skills
  • +260-380% Damage to Demons (varies)
  • -23% To Enemy Poison Resistance
  • 0.3% (0-29.7) Deadly Strike (Based on Character Level)
  • Adds 5-30 Fire Damage
  • 25% Chance of Open Wounds
  • Freezes Target +3
  • +10 to Strength

Map and Monster Changes

In order to add more diversity for farming, Blizzard mentioned some maps and areas will be changed. These areas have yet to be announced, but players will finally be offered viable options for farming outside of Ancient Tunnels and The Pits.

Act 3 and Durance of Hate Changes

Some huge changes are coming to Act 3 which will significantly slow down ‘rushing’ characters. In order to enter Durance of Hate, you will need to smash the compelling orb. That means that a user will have to complete every quest in Act 3 before being able to access Durance of Hate.

Previously, users could skip this part by getting another player to kill Travincal and teleport them directly to Durance of Hate level 2.

Blizzard has cited the reason for this change is because they consider Act 3 to be a “big story moment” and don’t want players to skip over that.

D2R Mercenary Changes

This patch is all about variety and it continues onto the mercenaries. Blizzard will be buffing mercenaries in all Acts except for Act 2. The buffs will include increased damage and new spells. Not all of the buffs were mentioned, but we were told Act V mercenaries will get a Battle Cry.

As for Act 2 mercenaries, players will now be able to hire all six aura types when in Nightmare or Hell difficulty.

  • Act 1 – new ranged skills with AOE damage.
  • Act 2 – Thorns aura will get a slight buff.
  • Act 3 – Elemental fantasy added.
  • Act V – Gets a battlecry for improved health and defense.

D2R Character Class Changes

Things don’t stop there. We’ll also be seeing some character class changes to increase variety. These include buffs and nerfs to all the classic characters. These balance changes look to offer players a wider range of play styles.


  • Increase on Inner Sight radius
  • Improve Slow Missiles
  • Improve the “lockout” of Dodge/Avoid/Evade
  • Impale slows on every hit and doesn’t rely on Attack Rating
  • Fend is faster within the animation
  • Valkyrie casting delay is reduced
  • Adjusting scaling (Damage, Mana cost) of Bow and Arrow skills


  • Martial Arts only consumes one charge at a time (vs three)
  • Updating some tooltips and duration consistency for Shadow Disciplines
  • Lightning and Fire Traps are getting improvements in damage/syngeries
  • Blade Skills getting a tuning pass


  • Warcry improved at higher levels
  • Improving Find Potion to incentivize more skill points
  • Improving Leap (and Leap Attack) so it could be better
  • Berserk syngeries are changing
  • Pierce Chance to Throwing skills
  • Frenzy synergy with Increase Stamina
  • Whirlwind isn’t getting any changes


  • Fire skills getting better physical scaling
  • Artic Blast has better scaling, synergies, and targetting
  • Shapeshift can cast Elemental Buffs
  • Werewolf getting better attack rating scaling
  • Fire Claws getting synergy updates
  • Werebear getting damage scaling
  • Summons don’t have hidden randomized health values anymore
  • Ravens getting changes
  • Wolves getting more damage (identity: damage dealers)
  • Spirit summons getting physical resistance
  • Spirit Wolves getting Cold Damage on their melee
  • Spirit Barb getting better Thorns


  • Skeletal Mages getting big damage scaling
  • Blood Golem and Fire Golem getting damage scaling
  • Iron Golem thorns improved
  • Bone Skills getting scaling improvements
  • Bone Armor damage absorb scaling improved
  • Weaken skill getting more damage scaling at higher skill points
  • No improvements to Summoning at the start of a game


  • Holy Bolt will pierce and have better synergies.
  • Better scaling for offensive auras with damage based on range to the caster.
  • No planned change to Conversion
  • Fist of Heavens pierces and will have less of a casting delay.


  • Cold Armor will get diversified.
  • Buff to Frost Nova
  • Some Fire and Lightning skills will be buffed with better synergies
  • Inferno, Blaze, and Hydra buffed
  • Nova scaling buffed with better synergies to Thunderstorm and Static Field
  • Thunderstorm changes are in the works with no teases currently.

Set Item Changes

Variety and options are all what this patch is about and it continues with some item changes. The goal is to offer more options and not have to rely as much on Runewords to be best in slot.

Blizzard will be updating a lot of underperforming items including set items. To do so, new Horadric Cube Recipes will be available that can add bonuses to set items. They made it very clear this won’t become as powerful as Diablo 3 sets.

Public Testing Realm – PTR

If you’re into theory crafting, you’ll love this next change. Blizzard will be introducting a PTR! From the sounds of it, there will be a NPC that can give your character any item, any level, unlimited resets, and more.

This will also be available to test changes before they come to the live server. They are hoping they will receive a lot of feedback before patches go live through the PTR.

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