Catalyst Black – How to get into closed BETA

What is Catalyst Black

Catalyst Black is a new mobile game currently in closed BETA that’s available on IOS and Android. It’s developed by Super Evil Megacorp, the same company behind the popular mobile MOBA Vainglory. Catalyst Black combines fantastic graphics, vibrant colors, intuitive controls, and a variety of different game modes to play. At it’s core, Catalyst Black is a top down, team-based, battleground shooter that sprinkles in a tiny bit of the MOBA element. You’re armed with a primary weapon, a secondary heavy weapon, and an ability. Game modes currently include Capture the Flag, Flag Hunter, Core Rush, and Eventide. Matches are relatively quick but they have implemented a ‘drop-in-drop-out’ match making system, allowing players to leave the game unpunished whenever they please without sacrificing a loss for your teammates, as a new player will join in to replace them.

How to get into Catalyst Black closed BETA

If you’re itchin’ to play Catalyst Black before it’s publicly released, you’ll need an invite to their BETA, or as they call it ‘Secret Service’. There are currently two ways to get accepted into their BETA. Get lucky with their random drawings every 12 hours, or find a friend who already has BETA access and was lucky enough to be given a recruitment code to share.

  1. Join the official Catalyst Black Discord Channel where you’ll be greeted by an automated bot call “Catalyst Black” in your private messages (so make sure they’re open).
  2. Respond to that Bot and message it “!secretservice
  3. Answer the 6 questions it asks you by responding to it via the chat.
  4. Once that’s complete, you’re all done.

Drawings are held every 12 hours and will randomly select users to receive a BETA key. If you are selected, you’ll be emailed directions on how to install the game.