Call of Antia: What resources do and how to get them

If you want to progress in Call of Antia, you’ll need resources. There are a handful of different types that are used throughout your adventure.  In this article we will break down the different types of resources used in Call of Antia, what they do, and how to acquire them.

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  1. Gold
  2. Experience Potions
  3. Stones
  4. Gems
  5. Energy 

What is gold used for and how do I get it?

Gold is the most familiar resource in the game. You will primarily use gold to level up your heroes or purchase items in the daily shop. There are multiple ways to acquire purchasable items in the shop, so we recommend saving your gold purely to level up your heroes.

You can gain gold from any game mode, including campaign missions, tower of courage, events, treasure quests, progressing in the battle pass, etc.

Additionally, gold can be farmed from mines, which are buildings that you can create in your home screen. Mines produce gold every hour and can be upgraded with stones to increase the production rate and storage capacity. 

Tip to get extra gold

Tip: you can gain 10K gold free per day by going into the market and obtaining the free loot ticket & 5K gold, and also accessing the wishing crystal and gaining 5K free gold through the “wish offer”

What are Experience Potions and how do I get them?

Experience potions are extremely useful as these are one of the two required resources to level up your heroes. 

You can also obtain these from many different means – including campaign missions, tower of courage, different events, finishing daily missions, and progressing in the battle pass. 

Experience potions can also be farmed from “camps”, which are buildings you create on your home screen. Just like the mines, you can upgrade your camps with stone to increase the production of potions. 

As you progress through the campaign you will be able to unlock more areas in your base to create more mines, camps, quarries, etc.

What are stones used for and how do I get them?

Stones are required to create new buildings and upgrade current buildings in your home. Stones  are produced by the “quarry” building. You can obtain additional stones from treasure quests, different events introduced into the game, and by completing missions.

What are Gems and how do I get them?

Gems are one of the most valuable resources in the game. Gems can be used for summoning new heroes, speeding up the construction of buildings, leveling up your battle pass, and more. While gems are a premium currency and can be bought with money, they can also be found within the game itself. 

One of the easiest ways to obtain gems early on is through completing stages in the campaign. We’d recommend you use this opportunity to save up gems to summon later on in the game.

If you’re a new player, you can get a free 100 gems by entering our invite code!

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  • Tap the ‘Gifts’ tab and then ‘Invite Friends’.
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It would be a good idea to save your gems early on, as they become harder to come by as the game progresses due to the level of difficulty in completing campaign levels.

Occasionally, the developers will send gems to your in game mailbox as a gift, or offer them as incentives to participate in things like surveys.

Make sure to also check out our list of active redemption codes you can use for even more free stuff!

What is Energy used for and how do I get it?

Energy is arguably the most important resource in the game. It’s what determines how many actions you can perform in a day. Each time you play a stage in the campaign, it costs energy. 

Your maximum energy will increase as you level up which is done by completing different stages that require energy – treasure quests and campaign stages.

As of right now – the maximum amount of energy you can have is 96. Each player receives a free 60 energy reset per day. It is possible to gain additional energy through in-game purchases such as the gem pass, which grants an additional energy reset per day.

Please let us know if you enjoy this article – we will continue providing updated content, and in the next article we will discuss unique resources specific to shops, and other game modes.

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