Call of Antia – Everything you need to know about Hero Quests

Call of Antia is a match-three style role playing game (RPG) mobile game and with any RPG you need quests. Quests in Call of Antia are actually quite simple and are mostly used as a way to gather resources.

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about Hero Quests in Call of Antia.

Call of Antia Hero Quests

What are Hero Quests?

Hero quests are simply quests where you send your heroes off in order to gather resources, experience, and even sometimes heroes themselves.

Quests can be accessed by visiting the “Houses” at your home base and clicking on the assign button, as shown here:

House in Call of Antia

As you level up your house you can gain access to additional hero quests with better rewards.

Hero Quest rewards consist of gold, experience, dragon shards, raw meat, weapon tokens, arena tokens, and 4-star heroes.

There are different levels of hero quests that require heroes of different star levels. These can vary from 2 star quests to 5 star quests. You’ll need to assign heroes that are the same star level as the quests star level. You can assign higher star leveled heroes but it’s not suggested.

Each quest requires 2 different heroes to complete, and the time to complete each quest will be different depending on the quest’s level of difficulty. 

If you’re auto assigning heroes to quests, double check to make sure the game doesn’t assign a hero that has too high of a star level.

Your heroes are still completely playable and can be used in battle while they’re doing the quest. 

In this example here, my house is only level 1 so I have only been given 2 star quests with very limited rewards:

Hero Quests

Once each quest is complete you will see a scroll symbol on the top of your house. Click into your house and click on the quest again to obtain the rewards.

How to receive bonus loot in Hero Quests

When doing a quest, you’ll have the option for two different rewards. One will be given upon completion 100% of the time. The bonus however is only received when you assign heroes of a specific faction that the quest requires. 

You can see which faction is needed to be assigned for the bonus by looking underneath the loot when the quest is open. When the proper faction is assigned, a green check mark will pop up next to “requirement for bonus”. 

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