Call of Antia Dragon Guide – Tier List

One thing you’ll be unlocking and utilizing while you progress through Call of Antia are your dragons. Dragons are your allies in PVE battles and picking the good one for each specific battle can make all the difference.

How do you get Dragons in Call of Antia?

Apart from your first Dragon, Drago, which you will obtain during the tutorial, you’ll need to gather a certain amount of Dragon Shards of the Dragon of your choice to summon them and be able to use them in PvE battles. You can get dragon shards through Hero Quests or buying them in the shop.

How to Level your Dragons

Once you unlock your dragon you have to level them up like your heroes. To level up your Dragons you need to feed them with Dragon food: Raw Meat. You can acquire Dragon food through Hero Quests. Remember, you can utilize quests refreshes if your current quests don’t offer the reward you’re looking for.

How to Ascend your Dragons

Like Heroes in Call of Antia, you’ll need to Ascend your Dragons at some point if you want to keep leveling them up. For this, you’ll need two new materials: Dragon Crystals and some Dragon Shards. You can easily find those two items in the Shop.

Each Dragon has unique strengths and powers that will help your team and hinder your opponents. The sooner you start to tame them, the better!

All in all, we’d like to recommend that you increase your power by raising your heroes, upgrading and forging high stars weapons and also raise your dragons. For all commanders, firstly leveling up or ascending your heroes should be your best choice. Secondly, we would recommend upgrading and ascending your weapons. Last but not the least, to raise your legendary dragons. All of these can be done by participating in a variety of events, finishing our campaigns and challenging Fallen Titans.

Call of Antia Dragon Skills

There are a total of five different Dragons you can unlock in Call of Antia, each providing a different base skill.

  • Drago – Deals 221% damage to all enemies for 13 hits. Damage depends on the team’s average attack. Grants all allies shield whose HP is equal to 27% of their Max HP for 3 turns.
  • Fyro – Deals 300% damage to all enemies. Damage depends on the team’s average attack. Each enemy recieves 35% damage for 3 turns. Damage depends on the team’s average attack.
  • Glacior – Deals 200% damage to all enemies for 10 hits. Damage depends on the team’s average attack. All allies recover 50% HP.
  • Thundor – Deals 300% damage to all enemies for 11 hits. Damage depends on the team’s average attack. Paralyzes the enemy for 3 turns. Paralyzed: cannot attack, casts skills or gain mana.
  • Skullo – Deals 300% damage to all enemies for 6 hits. Damage depends on the team’s average attack. Each hit deals extra damage equal to 2% of the enemies’ lost HP.

Best Dragons in Call of Antia – Dragon Tier List

Now that you know what each Dragon does, you’re probably wondering what Dragons are the best in Call of Antia. While some are stronger than others, there are situational cases for each one. We’ll dive into what each one excels at.

  • Drago – This is the starter dragon and it is decent but not the best. It is probably one of the best dragons early on since you get it for free and it is relatively easy to level up. The shield helps mitigates some damage so that could be helpful at times.
  • Fyro – Very powerful dragon if you are purely looking for high damage. All in all, a solid pick for maximum damage output.
  • Glacior – My go to dragon. Although the damage is not as good compared to the others, this dragon heals HALF your HP instantly. This is great for teams with suboptimal healing or teams that need extra HP for battles.
  • Thundor – This is another great dragon in tough situations. The paralyze could help you for a few turns while also dealing very decent damage. Do note that counterattacks will still hit on normal attacks.
  • Skullo – Another great damage dealer. Most likely least optimal given the difficulty to acquire the dragon.

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