Best Weapons and Runes in Knight’s Edge | Tier List

Knight’s Edge is the newest and first game released by Lightfox Games. It’s a 3 versus 3 mobile game that combines a PVE and PVP element all in one. The goal is to work with your team to fight bosses as you progress through various stages. The first team to take down the final boss is declared the winner.

Players can choose from four different weapon categories which has a variety of weapon choices in each category. Players can also choose from a variety of runes to build different load outs for each battle. With 24 different weapons and 44 different runes, the options you can go with are quite extensive. We’ll break down some of the best weapons and runes to use in Knight’s Edge with this tier list.

Best Weapon Loadouts in Knight’s Edge

Staves, Bows, and Axes are generally all quite strong at the moment with Swords being the weapon class that seems to be very lackluster. But which weapon is the strongest in each category when paired up with the right runes and dishes out some serious damage? Let’s dive right into it.

Best Bow and Runes

  • Void Bow with the offensive runes of Critical Escalation, Exploit Weakness, Vexed, and Strength Tonic. For your defensive runes you’ll want Managing Anger, Charged Armor, Void Wake, and Magic Potions.

Best Stave and Runes

  • Staff of Ember with offensive runes of Critical Escalation, Stoking Fire, Close Quarters, and Exploit Weakness. Defensive runes should be Pulsing Elements, Charged Armor, Power Draining, and Managing Anger.

Best Axe and Runes

  • Void Axe with Critical Escalation, Exploit Weakness, Aspect of the Wolf, and Strength Tonic for your offensive runes. For Defensive run Power Draining, Charged Armor, Void Wake, and Magic Potions.
    • You might not have all of the above runes since it requires a few Legendaries. You can also try Critical Escalation, Exploit Weakness, Death’s Door, and Strength Tonic for Offensive. For Defensive run Power Draining, Managing Anger, Void Wake, and Mirroring.

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