Best ways to get gold and wood in Lumbercraft

The goal of Lumbercraft is quite simple and oddly addicting. Gather wood, build your town, and defend against enemies. There are two main ‘currencies’ in the game that are used to improve your town and gear. The first is wood, which you can gather from cutting trees around your town and improve the level of your town hall. The second is gold, which is used to increase your armor and strength.

Quick ways to earn wood

When first starting the game, the only source of getting wood is by going around the edges and cutting trees down for lumber. The main thing you’ll want to focus on at the beginning is leveling up your town hall. The higher you level the town hall, the more things become unlocked to build in your town.

Some of the first unlocks available are the Lumber Mills. One of the mills stores a small amount of wood, but gathers resources quickly and is excellent if you’re a very active player. The other Lumber Mill gathers wood more slowly but can stock up large amounts and doesn’t need to be checked nearly as often. You can level your Mills by spending gold or watching ads in the game – the higher the level, the more resources your Mills can produce and store.

Quick ways to earn gold

Gold is the other resource you’ll want in the game to buy upgrades for yourself and level up your buildings. When starting out, after leveling your Town Hall a couple of levels, you’ll be able to create a shop that allows you to sell your wood. Prices for lumber will vary and are random, so you’ll want to skip ‘buyers’ until you find a good deal. Some buyers can offer as little as 1 gold for 15 pieces while others can offer 1 gold for 3 pieces of wood.

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune Lumercraft

At Town Hall level four, you’re able to build a “Wheel of Fortune”. This is a wheel that has random gold amounts listed on it that you’re able to win. You’re allowed one free spin a day, can pay gold (which gets increasingly more expensive) for spins, or watch ads for another free spin. Each time you spin the wheel, it will go on cooldown before you’re able to use it next.

The more gold you have on you, the better the prizes are on the Wheel of Fortune. After you spin and win an amount, you’re able to watch a short ad to triple (or more) the amount of gold you have won. If you can spare 30 seconds (sometimes less), it’s worth the extra gold you’ll get.

There is one trick I’ve found to ‘open’ the Wheel of Fortune while it’s closed, so you don’t have to wait to use it. First, click the cogwheel on the top left of your screen to get to the ‘settings’ menu. From there, click ‘Remove Ads’. When the game prompts you to go to the App Store and buy the app, close out of the app store and the in-game settings menu. Once you’re back in the game, the Wheel of Fortune’s cooldown will be reset allowing you to spin without having to wait. You’re able to repeat this as many times as you’d like.