Best starting deck in Rush Royale Tower Defense

If you’re new to Rush Royale I’m sure you’ve noticed many of the ‘Epic’ and ‘Legendary’ cards you’re itching to put in your deck aren’t available until you reach a higher arena. To do that more easily, you’ll want to utilize some of the best starting cards for your deck to make your ladder climbing journey easier.

Easily obtainable starting deck

If you’re just starting out, you’ll find that your first few matches will be a breeze and most cards word just fine. As you proceed into a couple hundred of trophies, you might have to start optimizing. These cards are all available from the start or obtained easily and will help get you to unlock some of the key Epic cards needed to grind to higher Arena levels.

  • Cold Mage – This unit will deal damage but also slows enemy targets buying you critical time.
  • Archer – Has very high attack speed and decent damage.
  • Fire Mage – Offers AOE damage.
  • Lightning Mage – Deals damage to the first three targets.
  • Poisoner – Deals damage over time. Quite a weak card so I’d recommend trading this one out first when you find a better card.

Best deck to climb early Arenas

There are a few key cards that are incredibly powerful early level and will make your climb to higher Arenas much easier so you can unlock the most powerful Epic’s and Legendaries.

  • Reaper – This Epic card is obtainable fairly early into the game, offers decent DPS, and has an opportunity to instantly kill a monster.
  • Hunter – A common card that you’ll also find early on which offers high DPS.
  • Sentry – A rare card that is essentially an upgraded Archer and offers more DPS.
  • Engineer – One of the strongest early game Epic cards. Keep the placement of your Engineers in mind as the damage is increased for every connected Engineer.
  • Cold Mage – Slows monsters down so you can deal more damage.

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