Best decks to play for Royal Trials every week

With the new addition of ‘Royal Trials’ to Rush Royale, a lot of people are searching for answers as to what the best deck to play for the event is. Now since the banned cards for the event change every week, that means the best deck for the event will also be changing. Below we’ll be keeping an updated list of the best decks to play for Rush Royal’s ‘Royal trials’ to help guide you to victories and get you those free legendary cards offered in Royal Trials.

What are Royal Trials?

Royal Trials is a weekly event and the newest addition to Rush Royale. Every Friday evening, the event unlocks for players and allows you to win rewards such as gold, crystals, cards, and most importantly – legendary cards. You’ll unlock more rewards as you climb further and garner more wins. Each week, the developer team of Rush Royale will ban a handful of cards from being played in the Royal Trials, so you’ll have to adapt your deck accordingly. Each player is allowed to make up to five decks for the event. If you win with a deck, you’ll be able to keep using that to progress through the event. However, if you lose, that deck is now off limits and all of the cards you used in the deck are no longer open to be used in any new decks you create.

During the first week of Royal Trials, the maximum amount of wins you needed was 14, and free-to-play players had the opportunity to win up to three legendary cards without a premium pass. During the second week of the event, the developers significantly reduced the amount of legendary cards that could be won by free-to-play players and increased the total wins you need. As of right now, if you’re not looking to acquire a pass for the event, you’ll need to win all 20 games in Royal Trials in order to unlock a single legendary card.

Rush Royale Trials

The best decks to play in Rush Royal’s Royal Trials event

  • Inquisitor, Knight Statue, Portal Keeper, Chemist, Scrapper
  • Boreas, Shaman, Priestess, Harlequin, Summoner
  • Crystalmancer, Knight Statue, Lightning Mage, Portal Keeper, Scrapper

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