Best places to find high runes – Diablo 2 Resurrected

High runes are often the most desirable items in Diablo 2 Resurrected. Runes are seen as the currency and are used to crafted Runewords which are usually the most powerful items in the game. But where are the best places to farm high runes like Ber, Jah, Ohm, and others? We’ll break it down for you in this guide.

Best spots to farm high runes in D2R

Lower Kurast

The Lower Kurast in Act 3 Hell is one of the best places you can find high runes. It can be farmed easily with an under geared Sorceress as you’ll be popping chests opposed to killing monsters. The Lower Kurast will have multiple “super chests” which can be found easily and has the best chances to drop high runes and other good items.

Lower Kurast Super Chests

These super chests are always in the hut that is next to a circle of torches. Each hut contains two super chests to the left side of the torches and one right above the torches. Sometimes the map will spawn with two different areas for super chests but always guarantees a minimum of one. While not the most exciting, this is one of the best places to easily farm high runes.

Arcane Sanctuary

The Arcane Sanctuary in Act 2 Hell is also a fantastic place to farm high runes. Not only do they have super chests at the end of each platform, but the Specter monsters have the highest chances of dropping high runes in the game. You’ll also run into the Summoner which has decent odds of a rune dropping from him.


Hell Cows are also a good spot to farm high runes because of the high density of monsters. They can be cleared easily by almost all characters since they don’t have any immunities.

Chaos Sanctuary

The River of Flame and Chaos Sanctuary in Hell is also on the list but usually more difficult to clear due to various immunities. All of the monsters in the Chaos Sanctuary are level 85 and quite packed, giving you a great chance to not only find runes, but good items.

The Countess

The Countess in Hell difficulty is located in the Forgotten Tower and will always drop at least one rune, which has a slight chance of it being a higher leveled rune. She can’t drop all runes, though. The highest rune the Countess can drop in Hell difficulty is up to a Lo rune.

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