Best places to find a Stone of Jordan – Diablo 2 Resurrected

The Stone of Jordan, often called an “SOJ” is one of the best unique rings in Diablo 2 Resurrected for caster characters. Not only does it add an additional level to all of your skills, it also increases your mana pool substantially. This specific ring is also highly sought after for the fact it is used to spawn Uber Diablo which drops the unique small charm – Annihilus.

SOJ Item Level and Stats

The Stone of Jordan has a much lower item level than most people would think considering how valuable it is, being item level 39. This means any area levels of at least level 39 are technically able to drop the ring, including areas in normal difficulty. However, the chances aren’t too great.

Stone of Jordan Ring Stats

Required Level: 29
+1 to All Skills
+25% Mana
+1-12 Lightning Damage
+20 Mana

Best monsters to kill that drop Stone of Jordan

Let’s jump right into the best places to farm for a Stone of Jordan. All of the odds we look at are based on a player having 0 magic finding and playing alone. The odds go up substantially the more magic finding a character has and the more players that are in the game.

Nightmare Andariel

The monster to farm is Nightmare Andariel, the final boss in Act 1. She has the highest chances of dropping a Stone of Jordan with the odds of 1 in 7699. If you are killing Andariel for the quest, the odds jump to 1 in 3279.

If you’re in a full game with 7 other players and have a total of 300 magic finding, the odds change significantly to 1 in 873 on-quest and 1 in 2676 off-quest.

Normal Diablo

Another good spot to farm a Stone of Jordan is by killing Diablo in normal difficulty. If you’re killing him for the quest the odds of the ring dropping are 1 in 5960. If you’re killing him off the quest the odds jump to 1 in 9083.

In contrast, if you’re in a full game with 8 players in total and have magic finding of 300, the odds for a SOJ dropping off-quest become 1 in 3497.

Hell Duriel

While the odds definitely aren’t as great, Duriel in Hell difficulty can also drop the Stone of Jordan and is the next best option for finding one. Due to the time it takes to find Duriel in the tomb, the method is only recommended if you plan on killing the monsters on the way there in search of another item. The odds for a Stone of Jordan dropping from Hell Duriel are 1 in 11,557.

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