The best and most active Diablo 2 private servers

If you’re looking to relive the nostalgic feeling of playing Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction like you did back in the year 2000, you’ll have a bad time attempting it on Battle.Net unless you like playing solo. Unfortunately, the official servers have become overrun by bots and has little-to-no legitimate player base. And if you’re anything like me, playing with others, grinding together, and trading gear was one of the many enjoyable parts of playing Diablo 2. Fortunately for us, there are a handful of modders who have taken the Diablo 2 game we know and love and have crafted something beautiful with private servers. If you’re looking to feel like your teenage years again, these private servers should help you do just that.

Path of Diablo

Path of Diablo
Path of Diablo

Path of Diablo has been around for over 5 years and is one of the most popular Diablo 2 private servers around. It’s a slight mix between Path of Exile and the original Diablo 2 you played growing up. Ladders reset every four to five month so you’ll have no trouble find a group of players to play with. They’ve made many quality of life changes and have even altered the skills to offer new build possibilities. If you’re a fan of trading between players, Path of Diablo offers the best trading experience by far with their own trading website. Other features include:

  • New skills
  • A larger inventory and stash
  • The ability to corrupt items
  • End-game content with maps

If you want to install it check out this guide.

Project Diablo 2

Project Diablo 2
Project Diablo

One of the newest private servers to hit the community, Project Diablo 2 has taken the game you knew growing up and have turned it into a Diablo 2.5 of sorts. They’ve included a full-screen option, crisper graphics, and much like Path of Diablo, have added a lot of quality of life changes. Some of the major ones include:

  • New and reworked skills for each class to increase build diversity
  • The ability to ‘corrupt‘ items
  • Item rebalances so runewords aren’t always the most powerful
  • Larger stash space
  • Additional end-game content with a variety of maps
  • Minimap and chat drop notifications (yes, that means no longer having to hold alt to see items on the ground).
  • A trading website

Project Diablo 2 was first released in October 2020 and is working on concluding it’s first ladder, but the team behind it is making constant updates, QOL changes, and has a lot of big plans in the future – including a dungeon system and bringing PVP back. At the start of the ladder season, you’d often find 12,000+ concurrent players on at one time.

Want to install it? Check out this guide.

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Slash Diablo

Slash Diablo
Slash Diablo

If you’re looking for the same exact Diablo 2 you use to play on but without bots, then Slash Diablo private server is for you. It’s exactly as you remembered with no changes. It just offers a tighter-knit community off of When a ladder resets you can expect a few hundreds players on concurrently, but it quickly dwindles as the ladder goes on. There’s no fancy trade website but they do utilize /r/SlashDiablo.

To install it view this guide.