The best browser games to play in 2021

If you’re looking for a simple web browser game to play that doesn’t take much effort and allows you to easily play in another tab or on a second monitor, let this list be your guide. We’ve ranked the best browser games to play in 2021.

The Best Browser Games in 2021


Screenshot of Elethor

Elethor is a free-to-play, new tick-based RPG set in the alternate future. You’re playing as an explorer on a brand new planet that’s all but good to you with the goal of colonizing it and making a name for yourself. Since it’s set in the future, you’ll weapons of choice will be guns instead of swords. Instead of your typical magic you might find, you’ll use technology to augment your brand. This game incorporates aspects of farming monsters, finding drops, mining resources, upgrading gear, and even have a clan aspect that allows you to play with others. Elethor is still quite new in terms of browser-based games, so we’re expecting to see a lot of updates in the future keeping it fresh and exciting.

Relics of Avabur

Screenshot of Relics of Avabur
Relics of Abavur

Yet another text-based browser game set in a fantasy setting. You begin your battle in ‘The Glendell Glade’ where you have the opportunity to buy equipment to help mine resources, fight monsters, and collect loot. As you gain levels and strength, you’ll find the monster become easier to kill, where you will then venture out into different areas finding harder opponents. Avabur has a crafting component to the game that allows you to create high-tiered weapons for battle. There’s a marketplace where you can buy and sell equipment to and from other players. There’s also a clan aspect that allows you to fight with others, borrow equipment, and level up together.


Screenshot of Neopets

The classic game you probably played in your childhood is still very much around, still has a large pool of players, and is pound-for-pound one of the best browser games out there in 2021. While there are countless things to do in Neopets, they typically focus around creating a pet and training him for battle to gain rewards, or focusing on gathering “NeoPoints” (the currency) to buy collectibles, open a shop, or buy stocks in the game. There are a handful of mini games you can play to earn NeoPoints, a vast world to travel with multiple locations, and tons of activities to do. There’s a forum for a social aspect as well as guilds to join (or create).


Screenshot of Pendoria

This game has much more of a modern feel than most PBBG browser based games. It’s set in medieval times and has all the typical aspects of most PBBG’s. You have your professions, you’re able to gather resources, complete quests, upgrade your equipment, and join guilds. You also have a “Scraptown”, which is your personal village. Inside your Scraptown you have a variety of buildings you’re able to level up using the resources you’ve gathered which provide various bonuses.


Screenshot of Queslar

Queslar is a newer multiplayer text-based idle RPG also set during the medieval times. As usual, you’ll be fighting monsters which can be done by yourself or in a party of 4, gather resources, and upgrade gear. Queslar adds the additions of fighters, which are mercenaries that join your side you can train to send off into dungeons to return loot. In this game, you’ll be playing around your village which offer small bonuses for your gameplay. You can your village with friends to create a larger Kingdom and rise to the top of the ladder.