Rush Royale Tower Defense cards – All cards in the game

Rush Royale is a mobile game that combines a PVP tower defense element with a collective card game. Every card in Rush Royale can be chosen to be incorporated into your deck of 5 cards. They rank from common, rare, epic, or legendary. Cards that are a higher rank are typically much stronger and the most used in decks. Below is a list of all of the cards available in Rush Royale. The game has also introduced ‘hero’ cards which create a lot of new variation within decks.

Common cards

Common cards consist of Archer, Bombardier, Cold Mage, Fire Mage, Hunter, Lightning Mage, Poisoner, Rogue, and Thrower. A full gallery of every common card in Rush Royale can be found below.

Rare cards

Rare cards consist of Alchemist, Banner, Magic Cauldron, Priestess, Sentry, Sharpshooter, Chemist, Grindstone, and Zealot. A full gallery of these cards and what they do can be found below.

Epic cards

Epic cards consist of Catapult, Pyrotechnic, Engineer, Gargoyle, Ivy, Mime, Portal Keeper, Reaper, Vampire, Crystalmancer, Plague Doctor, Thunderer, Wind Archer, Executioner, and Portal Mage. The full list of each card and their effects can be found below.

  • Pyrotechnic Rush Royale
  • Catapult Rush Royale
  • Executioner Card
  • Portal Mage Card

Legendary cards

Legendary cards are usually the strongest ones in the game and the hardest to acquire. A full list of each Rush Royale legendary card consist of Blade Dancer, Boreas, Cultist, Corsair, Demon Hunter, Demonologist, Dryad, Frost, Harlequin, Inquisitor, Hex, Knight Statue, Clock of Power, Stasis, Summoner, Trapper, Shaman, Meteor,

  • Corsair Card
  • Meteor Card

Hero Cards

The Hero cards consist of Trainer, Jay, Snowflake, Zeus, Gadget, and Trickster. All of their card abilities can be found below.

  • Jay Hero Rush Royale
  • Snowflake Hero Rush Royale
  • Trainer Hero Rush Royale

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